In this special edition press review Japan info on Tuesday January 19, we will talk about: the success of the crowdfunding campaign for the 3-year-old book and the 30 issues of Japan info, the concept of slow media with the interview of Adrien Leuci, director of the publication, and finally perceptives of the future thanks to the campaign which continues until this evening.

The book of 3 years of Japan info 100% funded

It was yesterday, Monday January 18, 2021 around 7:30 p.m. that the crowdfunding (crowdfunding) for the edition of the 3-year-old book and the 30 paper issues of Japan info reached the 100% level, 28 hours before the official end of the Ulule campaign. The team of Japan info warmly thanks all of its supporters, friends, long-time Ulule contributors, first subscribers, members of the Franco-Japanese Exchange Committee, videographers and bloggers Japan as well as all the new arrivals. It was with great emotion that the first goal was met, because before that there was no guarantee of receiving the funds. Now, the team can mobilize for the end of this crowdfunding scheduled today at 11:59 p.m. and hope to reach a new level in order to offer more content to the book collector from 3 years.

A right to be slow to learn about Japan

In an interview published in the media Le Petit Journal edition of Tôkyô, Adrien Leuci, director of the publication of Japan info explain what he calls slow media and why he applies this philosophy to Japan info and all of his work.

“Our media does not respond to a desire but to a need, that of being well informed” he explains to journalist Adèle Hourdin. He also adds: I deplore the fact that today people are no longer aware of the price of good information. We are also underpaid in relation to the energy we invest. The slow media helps compensate for all that. I think that if our media were like many others in a logic of permanent content production which requires being in the slightest scoop, in the slightest tweet, today I would already be in depression. “

End of campaign at 11:59 p.m. for more future

The campaign is 100% funded but it is not over. Indeed, beyond the first level, the team of Japan info obtains the guarantee of the financing of its project. Before this first threshold, it was all or nothing.

Now that the threshold has been reached, the team is working to continue communicating to obtain the maximum number of contributors. Japan info is an independent media, in this sense the crowfunding is a good way to reach new subscribers. The team hopes to retain those who do not yet know the medium.

First stone: all Ulule contributors who have contributed from € 10 will receive a copy of the paper journal, number 33 January edition in their mailbox, as well as 30-day access to the daily press review by e- mail or on the internet.

It’s a good way to discover the title, while waiting for the creation of the model of the 3 years book and the 30 issues. The team’s desire is to deliver a book at the same level as the monthly paper version and the daily press review.

Finally, little scoop, Japan info is a network, a strong network which allowed this medium to the success of its campaign, raising more than 7,000 € in less than a week. It is a circle that will be developed over the long term, Adrien Leuci and Pierre-Etienne, co-founders of the title wish to benefit all subscribers by adding advantages such as online conferences offered, discounts on the store and other network partners Japan info.


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