In the press review of this Thursday, November 5, we will discuss: the 1,000 daily cases of coronavirus, the cleaning of Mauritius which continues, and finally the oldest of humanity in the Olympic torch relay.

1000 cases

This Thursday, Japan recorded more than 1,000 new cases of coronavirus, a first since August 21. This is a bad sign as the government has eased restrictions and encourages travel within the country to support the local economy. Tokyo has recorded 269 cases and Hokkaidô has exceeded 100 infections. The Japanese capital is the most affected department with 31,893 people infected since the start of the pandemic. The governor of Aichi, Hideaki Ômura, even refers to a “Third wave”.

Cleaning in progress

Clean-up efforts to remove oil spilled from a Japanese freighter, which ran aground off Mauritius on July 25, will mostly be completed in January 2021, the ship’s owner said. On August 6, nearly 1,000 tonnes of oil began to escape from the ship, polluting a pristine environment. In the same month, local police arrested the captain, an Indian national, and the first officer, a Sri Lankan, for negligence in the conduct of the bulk carrier.

Dean at Relay

Kane Tanaka, 117, from Fukuoka, southwestern Japan, holds the world record for the oldest person alive today. She was unable to participate in the Games celebrations this summer, since they were canceled due to the coronavirus. But for 2021, it should be done. The dean of humanity should therefore proudly carry the Olympic flame, and she will then be 118 and 129 days old.


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