In the press review of this Thursday, January 28, we will discuss: 1,064 new positive cases of coronavirus in the capital, the government wants to vaccinate the homeless, and a poetry competition highlights social difficulties at the heart of the pandemic global.

Tokyo records 1,064 new coronavirus infections

Tokyo recorded, again, a bad result for coronavirus infections this Thursday, January 28. In fact, 1,064 cases were identified on that day alone, the government said. The new infections come after Tokyo recorded 973 infected on January 27. The Japanese capital remains trapped in a third wave, after earlier surges in April and August last year. During the first week of January, there was an average of 1,230 cases per day, then 1,611 for the second. New records keep appearing, according to the government. The latter has reported more than 97,000 cases in total since the start of 2021, and the number of deaths is steadily rising. In addition, nearly 28,471 patients are hospitalized in Tokyo, and 159 people are in critical condition.

The government can offer vaccines to the homeless

The government spokesperson revealed that the Cabinet was considering administering Covid-19 vaccines to the homeless. Chief Cabinet Secretary Katsunobu Katô said: “It is believed that there are a number of people who are not included in the registers for whatever reason, or those who do not receive notifications. “. In principle, the public can be vaccinated in their area of ​​residence and vaccinations are applicable to persons registered in the basic register of residents. The Japanese government plans to prioritize the vaccination of municipal authorities, and the homeless people living under their jurisdiction, who request it.

The winners of the poetry competition highlight humor and difficulties

Dai-ichi Life Insurance announced 100 winning entries to the 34th Salaryman Senryu Poetry Competition, with the humor and struggles of employees highlighted at the heart of the global pandemic. A total of 62,542 poems were presented in September and October 2020. Poems related to the coronavirus include: “Go to the office / forbidden by my boss / asked by my wife”. Work methods are also affected by the removal of Japanese seals hanko, an initiative that the government is promoting, as tampons have become an obstacle to large-scale teleworking. Among the winning poems, one referred to the signature phrase bai gaeshi, which means “double the return on investment”, from the popular Japanese drama series of television novels Hanzawa Naoki.


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