In the press review for this Tuesday, February 16, we’ll cover: Tokyo reports 350 other coronavirus infections on February 16, juvenile suicides in Japan hit a record 479 in 2020, and three of Japan’s least attractive departments are launching a quiz site to promote tourism.

Tokyo reports 350 more coronavirus infections on February 16

The Japanese capital recorded 350 new cases of the coronavirus on February 16, the Tokyo metropolitan government said. This is the tenth day in a row that the daily tally has fallen below 500. In the first week of February, the Japanese capital recorded an average of 572 new cases per day, dropping to 380 in the second week. The highest number of cases for Tokyo stands at 2,447, recorded on January 7 amid a third wave of infections. In January, the capital recorded a total of 39,664 new cases of the virus. January became the month with the highest number of new cases since the start of the pandemic in spring 2020.

Juvenile suicides in Japan hit a record 479 in 2020

The annual number of juvenile suicides in Japan reached 479 in 2020, the highest figure since records began in 1980, according to data from the Ministry of Education. These suicides were up 140 from last year and were twice as high in August alone with 64 cases. There were 138 high school suicides, down from 71, while among high school students the number increased by 21 to 191. The ministry said the main reasons for juvenile suicide remained more or less the same as the years previous years, including poor academic performance and uncertainty about future careers.

Three of Japan’s least attractive departments launch quiz site to promote tourism

The unpopular department of eastern Japan, Tochigi, has teamed up with neighboring Gunma and Ibaraki departments, also uncrowded, in northern Kanto to launch a new quiz website on February 12. It was designed to promote the attractive points of the three departments. The site’s quizzes ask questions about the three departments north of Tôkyô. For example, one of the questions is about the hit Japanese anime and manga series Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, asking ” Which theme park in Tochigi County is a sacred place for Demon Slayer fans ? “. A total of 30 questions across the three departments will be posted on the site until March 12.


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