3rd wave | Telephone chat

3rd wave | Telephone discussion | Cybersecurity

In the press review of this Thursday, November 12, we will discuss: the 3rd wave approaching Japan, the telephone discussion between Suga and Biden, and finally the European Union which is joining a cybersecurity training course.

3rd wave

The health ministry advisory committee said the upward trend in those newly infected has strengthened since November and if this continues, it could eventually lead to the rapid spread of the virus. On the same day, the president of the Japanese Medical Association, Toshio Nakagawa, said the current rise in infection cases could be considered the 3rd wave to hit Japan. The country has recorded nearly 1,600 cases in one day, including about 400 in Tokyo.

Telephone chat

Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga finally spoke by phone Thursday with US President-elect Joe Biden. The next president notably assured Thursday that Washington would help defend the Senkaku, as part of a bilateral security treaty. Biden “Underscored its deep commitment to the defense of Japan and the United States’ Article 5 commitments” Japanese government sources said.


The European Union will join Japan and the United States, for the first time, to participate in a cybersecurity training session for the Indo-Pacific region, in March 2021. The training, which has been provided since 2018 by the Japanese Ministry of the Economy, in collaboration with the US Department of Homeland Security, aims to improve cybersecurity capabilities. This third training session will be held online with lectures given by experts from the European Union.


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