Any trip to Japan should include a visit to Japan’s 3 most famous Shinto shrines, Itsukushima in Hiroshima, Heian in Kyoto and the Meiji Shrine in Tokyo.

These are only the tip of the iceberg of breathtaking shrines, however. Here are 4 more located off the beaten track not to be missed.

1. Motosuminari Shrine / 元 乃 隅 稲 成 神社 (Yamaguchi Prefecture)


Each Shinto shrine has at least one torii, this large portal with two pillars that marks its entrance. The Motosuminari sanctuary has 123 of them, forming a tunnel along a cliff by the sea.

2. Oarai Isosaki Shrine / 大 洗 磯 前 神社 (Ibaraki Prefecture)


The Oarai Shrine, located on the border of Ibaraki Prefecture, does not aim for quantity but for quality with a single torii. Located at the end of a rocky point, you will be able to see the waves crashing over it. A popular place to watch the sunrise as well.


And if you are not in the morning, rest assured, the place is just as beautiful lit by the full moon.

3. Ota Shrine / 太 田 神社 (Hokkaido)


If your heart is racing at the sight of the waves on Oarai Shrine, you ain’t seen nothing yet! Ota Shrine is dubbed “Japan’s Most Dangerous Shrine.” “

Although no casualties have yet been identified, it will take courage to access this sacred place located in the city of Setana.

Not only will you have to climb …


but the path also has some incredibly narrow fairways as well as chains to help you climb the sections of the mountain that are too steep for stairs.

4. Arakura Sengen Shrine / 新 倉 浅 間 神社 (Yamanashi Prefecture)


Finally, we arrive at Arakura Sengen Shrine located in Yamanashi Prefecture. It doesn’t have a torii or any real dangers, but it does have a five-story pagoda with Mount Fuji as a backdrop.


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