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Having a correspondent allows you to discuss Japanese culture and practice the language. Of course, you already need a minimum level of Japanese in order to write an email. This relationship is also based on exchange: which means that your correspondent seeks mainly to know France and the French language better and not to speak only of his country … Keep this in mind! It is not uncommon that we forget what the other is looking for and that we are content to ask him a thousand questions without always taking the time to answer his … But before getting there, you need to already find a Japanese pen pal, which is not always easy. Here are our tips and tricks to find Japanese people to correspond with!

1. How to correspond with the Japanese?

Many people who start to learn Japanese also wish to correspond with Japanese people. Motivation is essential, and if you are in this process, it is because you are already motivated, so much the better! First of all, there are many ad sites to find a correspondent, but they are not always very practical: registering and validating the account can be long and tedious … Be patient with your troubles! Writing your first ad will also be long and laborious!

Ads with two or three words in Japanese are more attractive than ads written exclusively in French or even in English (the same way you will be more affected by a Japanese who makes the effort to insert French words and phrases. in his message, even if we feel that he does not yet have a good command of the language …)> Even better if you write your ad only in Japanese: you show that you have mastered and really love this language, and you maximize the chances of meet equally dedicated and committed correspondents.

Caution : do not immediately ask for the exchange of photos, because most Japanese are modest and reserved, not to say very shy. The exchange of address and (especially!) Of mobile number wait at least (great minimum !!) 4 weeks to be sure that it will last. Do not be heavy with him by harassing him with questions about Japan, one or two by e-mail is more than enough. Imagine that he too harasses you with questions about France without ever being interested in your attraction for Japan …

Little extra tip : make pretty emails quite long to motivate your correspondent to return the favor. The longer you exchange emails, the more time and information you share, the stronger the bonds you create.

2. How to put all the chances on his side?

The most attractive ad is, of course, written entirely in Japanese. If you do not have the sufficient level, write your ad in French, accompanied by a short sentence in Japanese, as well as in English. This shows that you can adapt a minimum … For the sentence in Japanese, find out about the simple turns of phrase (“my name is so and so, I have such age” …) through a method or on the Internet, ask politely on Kotaete that you translate your text.

The ideal ad includes your name / nickname, your age, your activity (field of study or profession), your interests and above all, what you are looking for: chat to work on your Japanese, find a girlfriend, learn more about the culture of Japan, etc. No need to write a novel, a few succinct and effective lines will suffice.

Be original! There are dozens of very mundane copy / paste ads falling every day, so you won’t really stand out from the crowd by writing “Konnichiwa, my name is Kevin and I’m looking for a Japanese girlfriend on the Internet.” Write to me lol! “. The main thing is to think that the person opposite has desires like you and that the letter exchange, even over the Internet, requires real motivation anyway.

3. Where can I find Japanese pen pals on the Internet?

So let’s list some main sites for Japanese correspondents searches:
Multilingual network, in French // formerly RoseRuru, one of the benchmarks in the sector for a very long time.
Japan Guide, in English // offers more in-depth research (by gender, age, area of ​​interest, etc.), requires free registration to place an advertisement.
OJapon in French – English – Japanese // brings together passionate members, hundreds of Japanese correspondents but also news on Japan, Japanese videos, a list of Japanese events to do in France and Japan.
Penpal Net, in English // quite close to Japan-Guide, with extensive research, but does not require registration.
REFJ (French-Japanese Email Network), in French // historical site (which we used 10 years ago!), Allows you to post an ad and a photo without registration, or to browse through the ads posted by Japanese.

4. Meet Japanese people beyond the Internet

There is life beyond the Internet, and if you feel the courage to step out of your bedroom, you can meet even more rewarding encounters. For this, many solutions are available to you. Here are 3 main ones:

– Hang out in Japanese universities, chat with foreign students and / or place an announcement with your phone number, your desired exchanges and your availability on the boards on the walls of the university dedicated to this purpose.

– Also check with the Official Journal in your region to find out about associations devoted to Franco-Japanese exchanges. There are probably more of them than you might imagine. For example, in some large cities, associations put French and Japanese in touch with each other.

– Those who wish to go to a bar where French and Japanese speakers exchange around a drink, on cultures and current affairs. It is multilingual and good spirit.

5. Tip: join Japanize yourself!

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Why not also become a writer? Send us your article proposals and we will study them with great pleasure! If there’s anything happening about Japan happening in your city, get involved and report back to us with photos, we’ll be happy to post them! What if you go on a trip to Japan? Share with us your adventures and your best shots!

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