In the press review of Tuesday, February 2, we will discuss: 556 new positive cases reported in the capital, 3 people who died in a retirement home following the shortage of hospital beds, and the state of emergency extended until ‘to March 7.

Tokyo records 556 new coronavirus infections

Tôkyô records, again, a bad result for the infections with the coronavirus this Tuesday, February 2. In fact, 556 cases were recorded on that day alone, the government said. The new infections come after Tokyo recorded 393 infected on February 1. During the first week of January, there was an average of 1,230 cases per day, then 1,611 for the second. New records keep appearing, according to the government. The latter has reported more than 100,000 cases in total since the start of 2021, and the number of deaths is steadily rising. In addition, nearly 2,899 patients are hospitalized in Tokyo, and 133 people are in critical condition.

3 dead in Tokyo due to bed shortage

Three elderly people, who contracted the coronavirus, died after waiting to be hospitalized in a care facility in Tokyo, during a severe shortage of beds. The three people were residing in a retirement home in the capital, which, given the upsurge in the virus in January, had been placed on a waiting list of 30 residents of the same facility. “The family asks for measures to prolong life”, said the staff of the establishment, overwhelmed by the situation. More effective measures are demanded from the government, to be able to receive patients as quickly as possible.

Suga declares state of emergency extended until March 7

Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga has declared an extension of the state of emergency until March 7, covering Tokyo and other parts of Japan, as coronavirus cases are on the decline. The state of emergency will remain in place in 10 departments, including Osaka, Aichi and Fukuoka. Suga said the extension after a panel of experts confirmed a certain extension of the pandemic. The decision will be finalized by the government’s coronavirus task force.


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