7,000 deaths from Covid-19 | 153 injured in the earthquake

7,000 deaths from Covid-19 | 153 injured in the earthquake | Disinformation

In the press review of this Monday, February 15, we will discuss: Deaths due to Covid-19 reach 7,000 people in Japan, 153 people injured in the earthquake in northeastern Japan, and false rumors are spreading after the earthquake.

Deaths from Covid-19 reach 7,000 in Japan

The death toll from Covid-19 in Japan reached 7,000 people on Monday. Tokyo has reported 266 newly confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus. This is the first time in seven days, or since February 8, that the number has fallen below 300. 97 patients have severe symptoms in the capital, a drop of six from the previous day. The average daily number of people newly infected in the past seven days is 378.6. This is 68.2% of the figure for the previous seven days, during which the daily average of newly infected people was 555.3.

153 people injured in the earthquake, most in Fukushima and Miyagi

153, it is the number of wounded of the powerful earthquake of magnitude 7.3. It happened in northeastern Japan two days ago. No deaths were reported on February 15. Of the 153 injured, 12 sustained serious injuries, according to the government Fire and Disaster Management Agency. Fukushima and Miyagi departments were responsible for most of the injuries, with 81 and 55 people respectively. The remainder has been reported from seven departments in eastern Japan. Most of the major earthquake damage occurred around 11:07 p.m.

False rumors are spreading again after recent earthquake

Discriminatory remarks and unreliable information filled Twitter, YouTube and other social networks in the wake of the earthquake that struck northeastern Japan. The rumors surfaced on Twitter immediately after the earthquake. Some said that “Corean people” and the “Black”“threw poison in the wells”. Other rumors that “Chinese, South Korean and Korean looters “Zainichi ” participated in fires”. This misinformation is dangerous since, according to a survey targeting the inhabitants of the city of Sendai, in the department of Miyagi, more than 80% of those questioned said they believed in disinformation.


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