8 infections with the British variant | A step for vaccination

8 infections with the British variant | A step for vaccination | Resignations from the Olympic Games

In the press review of Tuesday, February 9, we will discuss: eight people infected with the British variant, the vaccination strategy is advancing more and more, and a wave of resignations at the Olympics following Mori’s sexist remarks.

8 people infected with the British variant of Covid-19

In the departments of Hyôgo and Saitama, eight people, aged between 10 and 80, have been infected with the new British variant of the coronavirus. According to the Ministry of Health, they had no history of recent trips outside the country. Norihisa Tamura said infections of the variant could have developed in the heart of the two departments and that measures for future prevention will be taken quickly.

Japan prepares its vaccination strategy against Covid-19

The Japanese government is developing guidelines on how to safely transport vaccines, as distribution preparations intensify. The vaccines, developed by various pharmaceutical companies, are expected in quantity to be administered to nearly 126 million inhabitants. “We aim to quickly communicate information to local governments, including how to transport and handle vaccines.”Tamura said at a session of the House of Representatives Budget Committee.

390 Tokyo Olympics volunteers quit after Mori’s sexist remarks

390 volunteers for the Olympic and Paralympic Games have decided to give up their roles following the sexist remarks of the president of the organizing committee Yoshiro Mori. The latter angered Japan during an online session of the Olympic Committee by saying that women tend to talk too much. The former prime minister apologized the next day. The cause of the general resignation arose out of a common indignation against Mori. Organizers aim to have around 80,000 volunteers for the games, which have been postponed for a year due to the coronavirus pandemic.


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