868 new infections⎪Vaccination against Covid-19⎪Strong snowfall

868 new infections⎪Vaccination against Covid-19⎪Strong snowfall

In the press review of this Friday, January 29, we will discuss: 868 new positive cases reported in the capital, a deployment approach for vaccination, and heavy snowfall expected in coastal regions.

Tokyo records 868 new coronavirus infections

Tokyo recorded, again, a bad result for coronavirus infections this Friday, January 29. In fact, 868 cases were recorded on that day alone, the government said. The new infections come after Tokyo recorded 1,064 infected on January 28. The Japanese capital remains trapped in a third wave, after earlier surges in April and August last year. During the first week of January, there was an average of 1,230 cases per day, then 1,611 for the second. New records keep appearing, according to the government. The latter has reported more than 98,000 cases in total since the start of 2021, and the number of deaths is steadily rising. In addition, nearly 2,888 patients are hospitalized in Tokyo, and 150 people are in critical condition.

Japan takes cautious approach to COVID-19 vaccination rollout

Careful preparation is underway in Japan ahead of the planned rollout of coronavirus vaccinations by the end of February. Authorities are holding a test at a local Kawasaki gymnasium where nurses have simulated volunteer inoculations. The exercise, involving around 60 people, took place in a city of 1.5 million inhabitants. The simulation was intended to help create a model that local authorities can use across the country in their upcoming community immunization campaigns. “I heard that it took a little longer when holding a pre-vaccination consultation with doctors in the simulation”, said Taro Kono, minister responsible for immunization efforts. The health ministry is also planning to share a video of the Kawasaki simulation with local governments across the country so they can better prepare their own centers.

Heavy snowfall in coastal areas

The Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) is calling on people to beware of storms in parts of Japan until January 30. It predicts a low pressure system that should lead to strong winds and heavy snowfall. Until January 30, nearly 70 cm of snow would be expected in the coastal regions of the country. Residents are invited to take precautions now against disturbances, but mainly against avalanches and snowfall.


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