In the press review of this Tuesday, January 12, we will discuss: 970 new infections recorded in Tokyo, men run half-naked to keep fit and a possible victory for former comfort women

Tokyo records 970 new coronavirus infections

Tokyo records another bad result for coronavirus infections on Tuesday, January 12. In fact, 970 cases have been identified on that day alone, the metropolitan government said. The new infections occur after Tokyo registers 1,219 infected in one day. The Japanese capital remains trapped in a third wave, after earlier outbreaks in April and August 2020. Tokyo noted that nearly 16,000 citizens were reportedly infected between January 1 and 11, the highest number of infections since pandemic started in early 2020, with an average of 1,453 new cases. New records keep appearing, and the daily average of contamination is 621 per day, according to the government. The latter report more than 77,000 cases in total, and the number of deaths is steadily rising. In addition, nearly 3,355 patients are hospitalized in Tokyo, and 131 people are in critical condition.

Half-naked men run around a shrine to keep fit

Men stripped from the waistline ran a 4.1-kilometer course around a shrine in Wakayama, western Japan on January 11 – an annual event to pray for good health. According to the Citizens Group for Regional Development which has been holding the event at the Itakiso Shrine since 2012, the half-naked run is said to have its origins in a ritual for new adults before WWII, although the year exact start is unknown. Twenty-six people, from elementary school students to those in their sixties, including fully clothed women, came from Wakayama and other departments to join the race. They left the shrine at 11:40 am with sacred straw swags at their waists. They then tied the garlands on a cedar tree at the shrine after completing the race. Rika Imou, 50, from Nara County, ran with three members of her family. “I want to spend time with my happy and healthy family”, she said. Rika’s first daughter Misaki, 13, added: “I want to achieve good results in athletics competitions. “

South Korea set to confirm former Comfort Women victory next week

A South Korean court, which ruled that the Japanese government should compensate former South Korean comfort women, said on Monday it would confirm the plaintiffs’ victory unless Japan appealed within two weeks. Last Friday, the Seoul District Court ordered Japan to give each of the plaintiffs 100 million won (about 75,000 euros) for forcing them to work in wartime Japanese military brothels, in the first of these. decisions against the country. As Japan refused to participate in court proceedings, on the grounds that the state cannot be sued in a foreign court, Korea sent notice of the decision via a public announcement the next day, giving Japan until January 23. to file an appeal. If Japan stays true to its position and does not appeal, the decision will be upheld. Details of the asset seizures are not yet known. A decision on a similar case was slated for Wednesday, but was overturned. The Seoul court said it determined the case needed further consideration and set the next hearing for March 24.


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