In the press review of this Wednesday, January 27, we will discuss: 973 new positive cases of coronavirus, nearly 20,000 freezers planned to store vaccines, and the indictment of two doctors for the death of a child.

Tokyo records 973 new coronavirus infections

Tôkyô records, again, a bad result for the infections with the coronavirus this Tuesday, January 27. In fact, 973 cases were recorded on that day alone, the government said. The new infections come after Tokyo recorded 1,026 infected on January 26. The Japanese capital remains trapped in a third wave, after earlier surges in April and August last year. During the first week of January, there was an average of 1,230 cases per day, then 1,611 for the second. New records keep appearing, according to the government. The latter has reported more than 96,000 cases in total since the start of 2021, and the number of deaths is steadily rising. In addition, nearly 2,847 patients are hospitalized in Tokyo, and 148 people are in critical condition.

Japan to secure 20,000 freezers for Covid-19 vaccines

Japan plans to secure around 20,000 freezers for the storage of coronavirus vaccines, as the country intensifies preparations for their delivery. The government will distribute them to medical facilities across the country, and vaccinations are expected to start in late February, starting with medical staff. With a population of around 126 million, Japan is preparing to obtain 310 million doses of the vaccines from Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca Plc, enough for 157 million people. The government plans to distribute 1,500 freezers for Pfizer vaccine to designated vaccination centers by the end of February, 3,300 units by the end of March and the remainder by the end of June.

2 Tokyo doctors indicted for the death of a child

Two doctors were charged with negligence leading to the death of Kosuke, a 2-year-old boy, in a Tokyo hospital on February 18, 2014, due to excessive use of sedatives. They were accused of giving an excessive dose of propofol after Kosuke had neck surgery. The dose administered was twice as much as an adult could have received in less than 72 hours. “I don’t think the doctors, including the two accused, and the hospital are facing the death of my son”, said Kosuke’s mother.


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