In the press review of Monday, April 12, we will discuss: hospital staff vaccinated but positive at coronavirus, the arrival of the fourth wave of Covid-19 on the Archipelago, and we’ll talk about the first Japanese to win a major golf tournament.

A hospital worker vaccinated but infected

Japan started its vaccination campaign for its medical staff in February and begins the campaign for the elderly today. Doses of Pfizer vaccine are administered with an interval of two weeks. On Sunday, an employee of the Kanazawa hospital tested positive for coronavirus. However, he had received the two doses of the vaccine from the American firm, the first on March 13 and the second on April 3. “In general, it takes time for antibodies to be produced after vaccination”, said a government official. The employee tested positive after coming into contact with an infected patient, but, according to the hospital, the person does not deal with the patients. This is a rare case, given that since the start of the vaccination campaign, no vaccinated person had been reported positive for the virus. The explosion of Covid cases on the island, leads the government to make new decisions, especially in Tokyo from today.

A state of “quasi-emergency” declared

The Japanese government feared the arrival of a fourth wave of contamination. And now, for a week, the numbers have been rising steadily. Since April 5, the departments of Osaka, Miyagi and Hyôgo, are in state of “Quasi-emergency”. And since Friday, the departments of Tokyo, Kyoto and Okinawa have also come under stricter control. The government did not want to announce a third state of emergency, for fear of falling behind in the preparation of Olympic and Paralympic Games from Tokyo. The Ministry of Health has instituted an infection indicator. The first three departments to have entered this state of “Quasi-emergency”, plus the Okinawa Department, are at level 4 (maximum level of this indicator). While Tôkyô and Kyoto are at level 3. With this state of quasi-emergency, the governors of the departments have the freedom to choose the places or the cities where to reinforce the measures, compared to total state of emergency where the measurements are generalized.

Hideki Matsuyama wins master’s degree in Augusta (USA)

By winning Augusta’s master’s degree, Japanese golfer Hideki Matsuyama became the first Japanese, and even Asian, golfer to put on the famous green jacket and win a major tournament on the world circuit. “As the coronavirus drags on, its feat has filled our hearts and gave us courage” said the prime minister Yoshihide Suga, as his country strives to organize the Tokyo Olympics in just over three months. The last best ranking was held by Isao Aoki, who finished second in the US Open in 1980. The latter took his hat off to Matsuyama, “This victory, which was the first for a Japanese as well as an Asian, was a moment that we have all been waiting for, not just me, but all Japanese golf fans and those involved in the golf world”. Hideki Matsuyama, on the home Olympics: “I can’t wait to be at the Tokyo Olympics. If I am part of the team, and it looks like I will, I will do my best to represent my country, and I hope I will play well ”. And he hopes he has inspired many young people who will want to get started in golf by trying to follow in his footsteps.


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