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Japan is a country that finds its balance between tradition and modernity. This country is fascinating because it presents an avant-garde and cutting-edge showcase in terms of innovation and technology. Electronic objects and now connected objects are part of the daily life of the Japanese: it’s cultural. So when an innovation is ready to see the light of day, the whole country looks forward to it. And this will certainly be the case with a new smartphone that will be released in the coming months: it is the foldable smartphone. A hybrid smartphone that can go from smartphone format to that of a small tablet, in a fold.

Smartphones: the favorite tech object of the Japanese

Whoever walks in the streets of Akihabara, the electronic district of Tokyo, or Shibuya, understands very quickly that the Japanese love high-tech. Each tokyoite has at least one connected object that he carries with him daily. And for good reason, Internet is consumed everywhere thanks to Pocket Wifi, these small nomadic boxes which provide Internet to smartphones, tablets and notebooks of its owners in all public places (Metro, public garden, etc…). So you might as well tell you that if the Japanese spend (a lot) time on the Internet, they can afford a quality smartphone to live their virtual life.

So in the streets of Tokyo and in the big megalopolises of the country, Japanese and Japanese wear smartphones and other latest iPhone. Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, Sony are in all hands and it can sometimes be fun to see screens so large that they can no longer be held with two hands. Why do they need such a big screen to make calls? We can find an answer in the cultural dimension of this country.

The foldable smartphone: a format adapted to Japanese habits

The Japanese were able to build a worldwide reputation in the electronics and innovation sector. One of the most innovative brands in the world is called Sony and it is Japanese. This company has forged such a reputation following the release of the first Walkman. Since then, the firm has continued to stay on top by releasing ever more efficient devices or smartphones, such as the Xperia and its 6-inch borderless screen for example.

The Japanese love smartphones because with them they connect to the Internet to use their favorite social applications like Line and Instragram. Some Japanese no longer make phone calls but are connected to online messaging services to send messages and emojis to loved ones and or watch videos on Instagram or YouTube.

The foldable smartphone for a new dimension

Samsung foldable smartphone

The smartphone-pliable.shop site: the best of the foldable smartphone has an answer that will make some people happy and others smile. Indeed, the folding phone specialist website explains that flexible smartphone screen can revolutionize the multimedia experience. In a world where people want an ever larger smartphone screen on ever more compact devices, the foldable smartphone is the answer. The example of the Samsung Galaxy F is proof of this. Indeed, on this new phone, the giant has developed an innovative screen called Infinity Display Flex. The latter allows the smartphone to open like a book and reveal a second screen the size of a tablet (about 7.8 inches), located inside. Once unfolded, the user can use their smartphone screen and tablet screen simultaneously, which allows for a most fulfilling multimedia experience. For example, we can use an application on the smartphone screen and on the other we can launch a video. No more constraint to choose between one and the other. The foldable smartphone offers both!

The Galaxy F phone is expected to be released at the end of February 2019 with 1 million copies. As soon as it is released, we will see whether it will be adopted or not by a country that lives at the rate of change. In addition, Sony is also in the process of preparing a foldable and transparent smartphone, patents have been filed and a prototype is being prepared.

The Japanese can certainly be the first to use this new type of foldable screen smartphone. Leaving aside the combination smartphone in the pocket and tablet in the bag. The smartphone could take on most of the tasks that these two devices offer today on its own.

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