A Japan marketplace for local consumption

A Japan marketplace for local consumption

Buying 100% Japanese products coming from Japan from France and at a lower cost is the project proposed by the founders of Nippon Market, Virginie and Yoshito. They are now launching crowdfunding so that this local and responsible project can see the light of day.

Nippon Market is an online marketplace dedicated to Japan which wishes to support Japanese regional producers, an innovative initiative in this area. This market platform will allow you to buy products directly from producers across Japan, and receive them at home at a price close to what you would buy locally.

This project aims to make you discover many artisans, unique products, region by region, seller by seller, product by product. This experience aims to offer an act of purchase as close as possible to the craftsmen. From food to fashion, through goodies, cosmetics, the manga universe as well as traditional Japanese crafts, Nippon Market will offer a multitude of products.

More environmentally friendly purchases

These exchanges and purchases can generate large CO2 emissions due to mailings, Nippon Market is committed to reducing its carbon footprints. Indeed, it is a project that wishes to respect the environment by establishing a positive ecological footprint.

The founders of the project therefore propose to be able to buy Japanese products while having a clear conscience as to the impact of their purchase on the environment. Simply, to have fun by discovering new products in Japan, and by remaining well aware of the distances which separate our countries.

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The page crowdfunding is open until June 16 and available on ulule!


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