Supporters of former US President Donald Trump demonstrate ahead of Joe Biden's inauguration in Tokyo on January 20.

By logging into the YouTube channel “Latest news from Tomomi’s new government” in early March, any Japanese internet user was able to follow a video program devoted to the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) – a major annual gathering of American conservatives, organized this year from February 25 to 28 in Orlando (Florida).

The reason for such a follow-up: CPAC celebrated the public return of former US President Donald Trump. And this to the delight of his Japanese fans and said Tomomi – the nickname of the YouTube channel, which combines the Japanese characters of friendship and opulence. “This channel loves freedom and justice. We will give you the latest information, mainly on President Trump and QAnon ”, proclaims the YouTuber, in reference to the American conspiracy movement. This channel had 30,200 subscribers on March 24.

Its notoriety confirms the establishment, limited but noticed, of the QAnon movement in the archipelago – named after the conspiracy theory born in 2017 in the United States, and according to which Donald Trump must put an end to a vast pedophile conspiracy.

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“The movement gained ground thanks to the efforts of a small handful of bilingual Japanese who translated its theories. Before Twitter removed QAnon affiliate accounts at the end of January, they widely disseminated content through social networks ”, observes Jeffrey J. Hall, of Waseda University, an expert on the Japanese far right.

He nevertheless believes that the Japanese version of the movement, called “J-Anon”, remains “A small fringe of the fringe of netto uyoku, the far right active on the Internet ”. It would concern a few hundred activists in Japan, some of whom, like Tomomi, are followed by tens of thousands of people on social networks.

About 100 are also believed to be members of the “QArmy Japan Flynn”, a group supporting Michael Flynn, Donald Trump’s former national security adviser, forced to resign after just 24 days for lying about his ties to Russia. ahead of the 2016 presidential election.

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Anti-Chinese feelings

Reacting only to some of the theories disseminated in the United States, the Japanese movement focuses on the Chinese communist threat, accused of having infiltrated the government and the Japanese media. According to a certain Eri, who was active on Twitter within the “QArmy Japan Flynn”, and whose account has been deleted, the coronavirus pandemic that started from Wuhan is explained by the introduction, by the installation of mobile networks 5G, from a virus that “Can function as a remotely controllable electromagnetic weapon”.

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