Fans of “Pokemon” games will be delighted to learn that the hunt for pocket monsters is open in a real lush forest located in an amusement park near Tokyo. A dream come true for those who grew up with the franchise. What amaze young and old alike in front of this life-size game in the heart of nature and the great outdoors, against a background of environmental awareness.

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When we talk about Pokemon, impossible not to paste the word “phenomenon” there. Video games first appeared on Nintendo’s Game Boy 25 years ago and rocked the industry in the first few weeks. It must be said that the concept is devilishly awesome, eye-catching and addicting. Tiny creatures are hidden throughout the game, and as the perfect hook from the era that has survived the years suggests, you have to catch them all!

Fury of the playgrounds with the possibility of exchanging monsters with friends, Pokemon becomes irresistible and comes endlessly, from playing cards (the first editions of which are worth a fortune) to cartoons, including everything that can make the eyes of a child shine and those of parents to cry on the door. limited currency.

If the excessive mercantile machine has gradually dispelled the magic and innocence of the beginnings, a beautiful project will give back balm in the heart for lovers of magical creatures as much as the beauty of green Japanese landscapes.

Pokemon Wonder: the hunt is on!

In 2016, The Pokemon Company, a company that manages franchise rights, is doing a lot of immersion by creating, with Niantic, the application Pokemon go. This augmented reality game made appear little monsters on the screen of smartphones as if they were in your real environment. Today, a new project is pushing the concept of Pokemon hunting to its purest expression.

You will be able to go in search of Pikachu and company from July 17, 2021 in a large and lush Japanese forest. Located in the heart of the huge amusement park Yomiuriland, it is no less than 4500 m² of vegetation that has not been touched by man for more than 20 years that will host Pokemon Wonder.

No computer graphics here, no lint or incrustations on screens, but simply a life-size quest of 50 little creatures which will require special attention to be discovered. They are indeed hidden in plant decorations ranging from a bamboo grove through meadows or a dense forest. As if they really exist and evolve in their natural environment.

Bucolic and fun trip

It is indeed in the great outdoors that invites you Pokemon Wonder. The scenario puts you in the shoes of a member of Dr Creso’s team. Provided with paper instructions, you will have to wander, in teams of up to 6 people, on two separate routes. The quest will last within 90 minutes that will immerse you in harmony with nature.

It is refreshing to see that such a large-scale project can still be born with an ultimately ecological message. The Japanese even pushed the desire to do well and get closer to nature even in the design of Pokemon to find since they have all been made in the traditional way and only with vegetable materials! A video shows us a little more about the process.

Pokemon Wonder will therefore open its doors on July 17, 2021 until April 3, 2022. Fingers crossed that Japan will soon be opening its borders to you again so that you can enjoy it too! Poulpy, he is not going to deprive himself.

To access the site, you will need a ticket for the park Yomiuriland, an extraordinary place, focused on the beauty of nature, flowers and animals, appreciated by many Japanese

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