A spaceship explodes | Vaccine: info system

A spaceship explodes | Vaccine: info system | domestic violence

In the press review of this Thursday, March 04, we will discuss: A spaceship explodes after being offered for a free trip around the moon, a Japanese hospital is developing an information system on the side effects of the coronavirus vaccine and consultations for domestic violence reach new high for 17th consecutive year.

Spaceship explodes after being offered for free trip around the moon

SpaceX’s spacecraft, led by Elon Musk, exploded. Businessman Yusaku Maezawa had said shortly before that he would choose eight members of the public to accompany him on the spacecraft for a free trip around the moon in 2023. The prototype was launched from the test site. Boca Chica in Texas. It reached an altitude of 10 kilometers, stayed aloft for a while and then landed. A successful first landing acclaimed by the spectators. But in about 10 minutes, the stainless steel rocket exploded and ignited. Elon Musk then tweeted, “Someday the real measure of success is that starship flights will be commonplace” and “RIP SN10, honorable dump”.

Hospital develops information system on vaccine side effects

A system that collects and provides information about the side effects of the coronavirus vaccine has been developed by Mie National Hospital in Tsu City. Dubbed “COV-Safe,” the system is designed so that healthcare professionals and others who have been vaccinated will understand the symptoms of any side effects they have experienced. Approximately 15 or 30 minutes after inoculation, VOC-Safe users receive a questionnaire regarding side effects. They also receive a follow-up survey every day for a week after inoculation, as well as 14 and 20 days after the injections. The data collected can be viewed on the system’s website: (https://sites.google.com/view/cov-safe/).

Consultations for domestic violence reach new high

For the 17th year in a row, the number of consultations for domestic violence involving partners or spouses has set a record, reaching 82,643 in 2020. The total of consultations represented an increase of 0.5% compared to 2019. According to the NPA, 76.4% of the victims were women. But the cases in which men have been the targets of violence are on the rise, totaling 19,478 in 2020, nearly twice as many as five years ago. Two key factors in this increase should be taken into account, according to the National Police Agency. First, the compulsion to stay at home during the coronavirus pandemic and also the growing awareness of domestic violence which prompted victims to contact the police or support groups.


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