If you have a Kindle, here’s a quick and easy-to-read little manual that will get you started with learning. Japanese language ! Learn Japanese on your own is a very good first step in this long journey which will lead you to fluency in speaking Japanese.

Have you wanted to learn Japanese for a long time, but you don’t dare to take the plunge because you don’t know where to start? Have you tried to learn Japanese before, but you are stuck because you lack discipline, you can not find the necessary motivation? Try this book! Are you stuck on kanjis, and you feel like this hell will never end? Are you looking for solutions but without success?

Do you love Japan, but especially the Japanese? Do you want to communicate with them, be able to exchange views, make new friends and why not one day go and live in Japan? You are a fan of manga, japanim, Japanese video games, Japanese music and everything related to Japanese culture from near or far. Are you planning to travel to Japan, study there and maybe even work there?

The author of this manual was in the same situation as you … after years of learning the language on your own, having observed and copied what other French who spoke fluent Japanese were doing. And that’s how he finally managed to speak Japanese fluently!

This knowledge of the spoken language is essential for learning to read and write. The problem is that most of the methods and books are too focused on learning the language at school …

But when you’re all alone in your room, when you don’t have a teacher, when you are nowhere registered and you have no one to motivate us, to encourage us to learn the language. How do you get good at Japanese? How to become good enough on your own to find a job in Japan?

This is what the author shows us through in this book on How to Learn Japanese Self-taught. In addition to his feedback, the author has also compiled the methods of his mentors and models who now live in Japan. It is a one-of-a-kind Japanese manual, in terms of the ideas, techniques, strategies and methods developed… Not to mention the tone and examples used! So if you are already motivated and decided to learn Japanese (and you have a Kindle!), order now Learn Japanese on your own !

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