If you are at Tokyo on a trip to Japan and want to take a little getaway for the weekend, Shizuoka and its surroundings open their arms to you. The city is located halfway between Tokyo and Nagoya, which makes it easy to access whether by train or bus.

What to visit in Shizuoka?

Shimizu port in Shizuoka
The port of Shimizu

The first visit will be to the port of Shimizu. It is a pretty port from which you can see a Mount Fuji massive! It is part of the ancient city of Shimizu which merged with the city of Shizuoka in 2003.

Reference is made to the port of Shimizu in texts dating from the Nara period (710-784). After Ieyasu Tokugawa has chosen to withdraw to sunpu castle in 1605 the importance of the port increased considerably. At the beginning of the 20th century, the port was used for the exports of tea from Shizuoka. Nowadays, it is used for the import / export of raw materials, natural gas and fish.

On a clear day, the view of the port and the volcano is simply sublime. It is also a good place to eat all kinds of raw fish and seafood. Let’s also not forget the shopping with the S-Pulse Dream Plaza shopping center where you can also visit the Shimizu Sushi Museum to learn all about it. sushi.

Sunpu Castle Tatsumi Tour in Shizuoka
Sunpu Castle Tatsumi Tower

A 10-minute walk from JR Shizuoka station is Sunpu Castle which is also called “Fuchu Castle”, “Shizuoka Castle” or “Floating Island Castle”. It was built at the end of the 16th century by Ieyasu Tokugawa. A statue of the founder of the Tokugawa dynasty can be found in the surrounding park (Sunpu park).

Miho Beach in Shizuoka
Miho beach

You can then go to cool off at Miho Beach. Soaking with a breathtaking view of Mount Fuji, what could be better? The sandy beach, which stretches for 7 km, is bordered by pine trees.

One of them is 650 years old and is called Hagoromo no matsu. The legend tells of the thoughtlessness of a Tennin (Buddhist celestial spirit) who forgets his robe of feathers (Hagoromo) hanging on the branches of a pine tree. This dress is essential for him to be able to take off and thus float in the air.

A priest finds this lavish robe and takes it home. The Tennin is in despair and after much research arrives at the priest and begs him to return his robe.

The latter accepts on condition that the Tennin dance for him. The priest, under the spell of the dance, returns the robe.

Tea fields around Shizuoka
The tea fields around Shizuoka

The climate of the Shizuoka region has the reputation of being the mildest in the Japan. The excellent lands of the region are famous for tea, one of the most famous in the country.

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If you want to take a good photo, of course with Mount Fuji in the background, don’t hesitate to go for a walk in the tea fields.

Do not miss having a cup of green tea either but do not overdo it because it is a very powerful arousal!

Finally, if you are in the region in July or August, Mount Fuji is reaching out to you! And when you get back, plan to stop by to visit these 11 great places as part of your trip to Japan!

Source: Shizuoka weekend getaway and amazing views of Fuji-San!
Images courtesy of Shizuoka Prefectural Tourism Association.

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