Abe worried | Extended trips

Abe worried | Extended trips | Completed renovations

In the press review of this Thursday, December 3, we will discuss: Abe worried by prosecutors, the extension of “Go To Travel”, and finally the renovations at Kiyomizu-dera.

Abe worried

Japanese prosecutors have asked former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to explain allegations that his political group illegally covered the use of public funds for dinners for his supporters. They are also interested in secretaries paid by the State and having covered these expenses exceeding 40 million yen (approximately 316,000 euros). Abe could be heard at the end of the special session of the Diet on Saturday, but the latter said he was not aware of such a request.

Extended trips

The Japanese government is expected to extend its “Go To Travel” domestic tourism support campaign, aimed at stimulating the economy affected by the coronavirus pandemic, until June 2021. This campaign will therefore continue beyond its end date. initial, which was scheduled for late January. Despite a 3rd wave of contamination and the likely role of the “Go To Travel” campaign, of which Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga is a strong supporter, it is necessary for the government to continue to support the tourism industry and regional economies in through it.

Completed renovations

The roof and platform renovations of the main building of the Kiyomizu temple in Kyoto, designated a national treasure, were completed after about four years of work. A Buddhist service to the eleven-headed, thousand-armed statue of Kannon, the temple’s main deity, was rendered on December 3 before the building was once again fully open to the public.


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