Alert maintained | Suga’s policies

Alert maintained | Suga’s policies | Anxiety in athletes

In the press review of this Thursday, September 17, we will discuss: The coronavirus alert maintained in the capital, the new policies of Suga, and finally the postponement of the Olympic Games which generates mental anxiety among athletes.

Coronavirus alert maintained

Tokyo would have made the decision this Thursday following a meeting of experts to maintain in the capital, the coronavirus alert at the second highest level, on the scale of four points. This would be due, among other things, to a rapid increase in new cases. The occurrence of a new peak is envisaged. The capital today counted 171 new positive cases. Although the bars and establishments serving alcohol have been authorized to reopen since last night, the clientele has struggled to come back, the apprehension remaining present among the citizens.

Suga’s new policies loom

Yoshihide Suga, the new Prime Minister of Japan, will have to face a country in difficulty. The global pandemic would have increased the need for new reforms in an already fragile economic and administrative landscape. In this perspective, Suga would plan to make administrative changes and a transition to a digital transformation of the Archipelago. The current situation would be a “great opportunity” for innovation in this direction according to Yoko Takeda, chief economist at the Mitsubishi Research Institute “and Suga’s right-hand man during these new policies. He reportedly said “The momentum for digitization has increased dramatically, as people have found that it is really not working.”

Hard blow for the athletes

The postponement of the Olympic Games this year due to the global pandemic has had a number of impacts, particularly on the mental health of athletes. Among them, medal-winning swimmer Daiya Seto is said to have expressed that he suffered mental difficulties due to the postponement of the 2020 Summer Games to 2021. An expert in mental training for sport and associate professor at Nippon Sport Science University, Hideaki Takai, believes that the postponement of the games and the lingering uncertainty about the possibility of hosting the Olympic and Paralympic Games next summer weighs heavily on athletes and has strong psychological repercussions.


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