Many people give up on visiting their dream destination because they think it will cost them too much. Yet, with good organization and a few compromises (no, you can’t travel on a budget AND sleep in a five star hotel overlooking Central Park…), you can make the trip of your dreams a reality. Take the example of Stephanie, who recently booked a trip she has long dreamed of for this summer, and which will take her to New York, Montreal and Toronto, before ending with Japan, Tokyo and Kyoto – and all. this without having to sleep under a bridge for the next 2 years … During the planning of this trip, Stephanie indeed discovered some tips that she decided to share with us in this article. On the way !

Flights: finding cheap tickets

“Among the different flight booking sites that I was able to test, Stephanie tells us, it’s finally Google Flights which allowed me to find the best deals. ” On the Google Flights site, once you have indicated your starting point as well as your destination, the advantage is that you can then use the calendar to compare the price of flights on different dates. This is particularly useful when you don’t know exactly how long you plan to stay in a particular city, is that the calendar shows you the prices of the round trip according to each day : depending on your flexibility, you thus have a global view to choose the best round trip combination according to your budget.

Another piece of advice – certainly easier said than done – is to limit yourself as much as possible to one (and only one…) hand baggage (and no checked baggage…). It is often on additional or heavier luggage than the maximum authorized weight that low cost airlines catch up their margins … Before starting to fill a huge suitcase, take a few minutes in front of your business, and ask yourself the question: do i really need all of this?

Finally, don’t forget to sign up for the loyalty program of the airline you will be borrowing. Too many travelers let tens of thousands of miles slip away every year! If you travel with Air France, the program is Flying Blue. And if you combine Flying Blue with an American Express card, you earn even more miles and enjoy incredible benefits! Follow this link to learn more about these benefits and take advantage of an exceptional referral offer.

Accommodation: the best places are not necessarily palaces!

To book accommodation for her holidays, Stephanie almost exclusively uses the AirBnB platform. The rates are generally a bit more affordable than hotels, at least some (this was especially true a few years ago, now Airbnb prices have generally aligned with those of hotels, and hotels have meanwhile great efforts on their prices… but we can still fall on nuggets). In Osaka, we also recommend great deals like the Orange Guest House near Namba!

If you prefer the comfort of hotels (room cleaning, breakfast and / or buffet, and all those little advantages that make a stay at a hotel particularly enjoyable, especially when you are abroad), you can go through the platform which offers an excellent loyalty program: for 10 nights booked, you earn 1 free night to book in the hotel of your choice. Suffice to say that we quickly get to 10 nights, which, all in all, represents a nice reduction. At 30 nights booked via their site, you benefit from other bonuses, such as welcome gifts in the hotels where you will stay. Compared to other booking platforms, this is clearly one of the most generous programs. Finally, you can always check the prices directly on the official website of each hotel, which are sometimes cheaper than on the platforms despite the discounts and the like. discounts advertisement.

On Airbnb, the cheapest apartments are often a little further away from major attractions, but that’s not necessarily a bad option. “Indeed, as Stephanie explains, with a little organization, you can find accommodation close to a bus or metro stop, and thus counter the problem of distance. Being further away from tourist areas should also allow you to have more calm, and to discover a more authentic environment. It’s particularly pleasant after spending a day in the tourist heart of a metropolis! ”

The best plan with Airbnb is to be both host and traveler : when you leave, put your room or apartment on short-term rental! This can almost finance all your accommodation abroad. Go to this page to see how much you could earn each month by listing on Airbnb.

Food: for all tastes and especially for all budgets

Obviously, when you travel abroad, you necessarily want to taste the local cuisine. But eating at a restaurant with each meal may overwhelm your vacation budget quite quickly … This is why you can like Stephanie book an AirBnB equipped with a kitchen, “Which allows you to complete your dining outings with a few breakfasts and dinners at home”. It’s also an opportunity to take a trip to the local supermarket and find out what constitutes the daily cuisine of the locals (in general, when you live in France, it’s a bit of a cold shower…). Smart, practical, and friendly.

Another alternative to restaurants to grab a few euros / dollars / yen / pesos … is to walk in the markets. You will have the opportunity to taste a whole lot of local products for a much smaller budget. That said, there are a lot of inexpensive restaurants in Japan and even in its capital! (In any case, compared to the average prices of French restaurants!) In Tokyo there is even a restaurant where you can pay for your meal by doing the dishes!

Visits: how to find good free plans?

There are many tourist attractions that offer reduced rates or even 100% free certain days or in certain specific time slots. So remember to consult the websites of the places you absolutely want to “visit”, and look for prices. If you spot preferential rates, organize your stay according to these times!

Transport: tourist offers are often more expensive than normal tickets for locals!

Most popular tourist destinations offer unlimited travel tickets and cards for a specific area and price. So remember to take a good look at the routes you will have to cover during your stay: airport, accommodation, attractions, etc. If you see that you are going to use public transport frequently, then it is worth taking a ticket unlimited. But often, if you only make 2 or 3 trips a day, buying single or book tickets is much more profitable. Offers reserved for tourists are often much more expensive than those reserved for locals!

As you can see, if you take the time to plan your trip carefully, you can get anywhere in the world on a budget with the tips shared by Stephanie: “I hope that for the more cautious among you, these few tips will have made you want to try to take the trip of your dreams without financial blockage!”

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