American helicopter | Crowd in the street

American helicopter | Crowd in the street | Public opinion

In the press review of Monday, June 28, we will discuss: the flight in town of an American helicopter, the first Sunday since the reduction of restrictions and the last poll on the Olympics.

A low altitude flight

The Mainichi Shimbun newspaper captured on video several passages of a american helicopter Black Hawk. This helicopter was spotted in the Shinjuku district, in Tokyo, at an altitude of 220 meters above sea level. Gold according to the law Japanese on civil aeronautics, in densely populated areas the minimum altitude is 300 meters. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has therefore request at US government investigation on this point, especially since the aircraft passed near official buildings such as the Ministry of Defense. To date the US government has no answer.

First Sunday of Freedom

Yesterday, the streets of Tôkyô regained their former animation with the passage from the state of emergency to quasi-state of health emergency. The district of Harajuku, very popular with young people, was quickly crowded. The attendance places like Shinjuku or Shibuya at increases respectively of 20 and 30% compared to last year. As in France, Tokyoites are in a hurry to get back to pre-Covid life.

The Olympics still unfavorable

Asahi Shinbun’s latest Olympics poll still reveals a trend more and more unfavorable to the holding of these Games. At the question ” What to do with the Olympic and Paralympic Games?“, 38% are for the maintenance of the competition, 27% for a postponement and 33% for a outright cancellation. Almost two-thirds of those polled have an unfavorable opinion on these Olympics. And to the question “What to do with the spectators if the Games are well organized? “, 64% are against the presence of spectators and 30% for a limited gauge. With 25 days of the event, the controversy is still lively and the decisions on the part of the government are long overdue.


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