Our decor is there!

The project for the creation of the decor was launched during the summer of 2020.

A large number of accessories had to be brought in and purchased in order to make this project a reality.

Tatami mats on the ground surrounded by windscreens,

everything has been done for a Japanese immersion as if you were there.

We have produced a dedicated video on our decor in order to present it to you as well as possible

and all this in the company of Manon who was able to add a touch of craftsmanship

by making custom cushions for our project.

This decor has a double objective, carried out original private shootings but above all allow us to realize our future video shows.

Indeed, we are preparing you for the year 2021 in addition toaudio broadcast already available HERE, a video show where we will interview dguests from all fields:

Artist, musician, mangaka, cosplayer, cook, etc …

They will be interviewed right here in our setting.

So subscribe en masse on our Youtube channel, because that’s where the next guest videos will make their appearances.

To come back in detail on our decor, here is the list of all the elements that compose it:

Tatamis, windscreens, two lanterns (traditional, modern), Japanese coffee table, sake set, Japanese bedside table, Noren, cushions, Rice Paper Parasol, rear lighting with variable RGB LED and front with diffuser. And many other accessories that can complete the atmosphere.

For the cushions, it is Manon our partner but also a seamstress and cosplayer who was in charge of their making.

She made these cushions using a Japanese method called “Sashiko”.

Manon also made a PDF tutorial so that you too can make them at home.

To download the PDF click HERE

You can contact and follow Manon on her Instragram

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All supports are welcome!

If you are interested in a private photo shoot in our setting, I invite you to fill out the request form by clicking here

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