The year 2020 was special between the Covid 19 epidemic which canceled or postponed the conventions and confinements which greatly reduced our travel and our meetings, 2020 will remain a special year.
We covered the only convention of the year with the Japan Expo Sud and in parallel we were able to succeed between two confinements in carrying out 39 private photo sessions, some of which in our Japanese setting. Decor which is part of one of our projects for the year 2021.

So this decor is not just for photo shoots. It will also be there for our future video shows. A program that will welcome guests from all fields (Artist, Musician, Mangaka, Cosplayer, specialist,…). We will interview our guests and they will introduce themselves and we will show their success and their project!
> To find out more about our decor and its realization, I will redirect you to the article and the video which are devoted to it by clicking here.

If we are talking about video programs, it is because there is an audio program, this one has already started to appear. And we explain everything to you in this video and in this article.
These audio programs are devoted to the essentials of Japanese news as well as ideas for outings.

And it’s also through little videos like this that we let you know, on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. So remember to follow us and activate notifications so you don’t miss a thing!

We are happy to present Poky, our mascot, and it is through small playful videos that he will make you discover Japan, its stories, its traditions, …
You will also notice it on our site and in our videos, it likes to interfere all over the place.

If you appreciate our work you can support us on our Tipeee but also now through our clothing and accessories store by clicking HERE.
> T-shirt, sweater, mug, etc. everything is infinitely customizable.
And as luck would have it, our mascot is also there. Take advantage for its launch of a 15% discount which is valid on the entire store until 12/30/2021. So hurry up 😉

Support on Tipeee

In addition to our Tipeee, it is another way to support us and also to support the external stakeholders who help us.

Updates have been made to the site, with better fluidity and ergonomics. In order to gain in comfort and fluidity. Also a little change on the typography of our logo, the font. More faithful to ourselves and bringing an identity of our own.

We would like to thank you for following us. Also a big thank you to our donors but also to Julie who helps us with the animations, to Anko Rei the illustrator of Poky and to Manon for making these custom-made cushions for our decor.

Do not hesitate to watch the video, a surprise awaits you at the end. We wish you a happy end of the year, happy holidays and see you next year, a year that promises to be busy for us!

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