StartUpers must act like modern day samurai! In any case, that’s the philosophy of the Samurai Incubate, a Silicon Valley atmosphere near Tokyo Bay. And it’s a good pretext to learn some kanjis (Japanese characters) through their honor code!

Startuper-Samurai Honor Code:

(Rigor) The goal of a startup’s associates should not only be to achieve their goals as quickly as possible, but to persist in their collective dynamic to consider others even higher.

(Respect) Express gratitude to all partners, even in situations of withdrawal, failure or abandonment.

(Courage) Cardinal value of the startuper. But it is not only a question of having the courage to take the plunge: it is also a question of daring to focus on long-term risks, to the detriment of profitable prospects in the short term …

(Honor) Not to sacrifice honor for the sake of profit. As with courage, the startup-samurai must choose the action of which he will be proud, and not the action that puts his interests ahead of those of others.

(Benevolence) Always strive to act for the good of others, of the community – and of humanity.

(Honesty) It can sometimes seem hard to believe in this dirty world, but honesty always pays off, at least for the bravest who commit for the long haul.

(Loyalty) Not to take the merits of another, while respecting the roles assigned to each. A good understanding is born a solid and lasting organization.

(Challenge) Another key word for all start-ups and entrepreneurs, samurai or not: love challenges, set ambitious goals and accomplish them 120%!

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