In the press review of Tuesday, March 30, we will discuss the abuse suffered by the Japanese karate champion during her training, researchers estimate the date of construction of the oldest castle in Japan, and the last “bonnet bus” is retiring.

Ayumi Uekusa claims she was hit in the face with a bamboo sword

Karateka Ayumi Uekusa, 23 medals to her name and favorite for the Tokyo Olympics, claims to have suffered violence from her trainer. Specifically, she states that Masao Kagawa hit her in the face with a bamboo sword during a training session. She adds that he regularly yelled at her and that he made particularly inappropriate comments about his private life. This mistreatment would have pushed him, in December, to no longer come to training. Following these accusations, Kagawa completely denied the facts: “ I would never do such a thing as hit an Olympian in the face and hurt him“.

Inuyama Castle is the oldest in Japan

Inuyama Castle, located in Aichi County, overlooking the Kiso River, has just been recognized as the oldest in Japan. The measurements were carried out by Kazuyoshi Fumoto, professor of architectural history, and Takumi Mitsutani, researcher in dendrochronology. Examination of the keep, including the pillars and beams, allowed them to estimate the date and confirm that there would have been several stages of construction. According to their research, the castle was built between 1585 and 1590, after the battle of Komaki and Nagakute also called “Komaki Campaign” and during the reign of Oda Nobukatsu, second son of Lord Oda Nobunaga. It would therefore be the oldest of the twelve Japanese castles dating from the Edo period (old name of Tokyo) still standing.

A last nostalgic trip for the Tokushima “bonnet bus”

The last “bonnet bus” that winds through the Iyakei and Obode valleys in Tokushima County will make its final trip in November. The stopping of the vehicle was initially planned for the end of 2020, but the pandemic having stopped its journeys, it could be postponed. Built in 1966, the exhibition of the engine cover, to which it owes its name, as well as its retro shape and its paintings quickly made him the star of the circuit. Unfortunately, it won’t stay that way for very long since“It happens that it breaks down and is blocked during its operation“, Explains a transport representative in Miyoshi. ” We don’t know how the pandemic will unfold, but we want fans to enjoy the ride one last time.


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