Bans lifted in Tôkyô | Opposition to power

Bans lifted in Tôkyô | Opposition to power | Family depression

In the press review of this Thursday, September 10, we will discuss: the lifting of the demand for certain establishments to close at 10 p.m. in the capital, the new opposition to the party at the head of the country, and finally a research highlighting the fragility psychological effects of Japanese families.

Bans lifted in the capital

After a significant decrease in the rate of new covid-19 infections in the capital, the Tokyo metropolitan government decided to lower its alert to level 2. The experts estimated, during a meeting about the health crisis, that the daily tally of new cases was encouraging. The authorities decided the same day to lift the demand, next Tuesday, to establishments serving alcohol and karaoke to close at 10 p.m. The government, however, is keeping the alert at level 4 for new infections, which means the virus continues to circulate actively. Tokyo today recorded 276 new positive cases for the coronavirus, it had been since September 3 that the daily report had not exceeded 200 people.

The opposition forms

Two of the largest ruling opposition groups have merged in a way to challenge the Liberal Democratic Party (PLD) in the upcoming elections. Yukio Edano, head of the Constitutional Democratic Party (PDC), a center-left socio-liberal party, will head this alliance, which should bear the same name as the PDC. The new party is expected to have 149 lawmakers. Edano said “If the PLD tries to dissolve the lower house to hold their elections and escape debate with us in the Diet, we will be ready to confront them and provide an alternative to the people. “

Depression in Japanese families

A study by the National Center for Child Health and Development published in the British journal Scientific Reports than in Japan, nearly 30,000 households with children under one year old are more likely to suffer from depression or other mental health problems each year. Experts say they are concerned about the worsening situation and childcare conditions. In most families where the risks are particularly high, fathers work 55 hours or more per week and mothers are particularly sleep deprived.


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