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In the series of “Practical Japan” mini-guides:

Finding people to correspond with may seem like a lot easier than the title itself. Because it is not strictly the game of search and find otherwise it would be a little … too pragmatic as an idea. No, the real goal is to “live” quite simply and as if for love to fall on it without looking for it. Obviously, this relationship is not going to fall from the sky too, it will take certain parameters in order to know where we set foot. Let’s clarify things from the start, the goal being to have relationships, whatever the nature (let’s play naivety by betting on friendship, like!) In the case of a complete stranger who is interested in the Japan Planet.

Just to start from the beginning, put yourself in your head that there must be a common point which must unite at the beginning like the language already, or in the absence of common point (s) talk about everything and nothing as long as you find what you want. In this case, then, let’s deal with a foreigner who does not live in Japan. Let’s call him Xavier-san. Xavier-san is very annoyed, he says to himself that the people living in Ken Sugimori’s country are quite inaccessible and do not roam around the world. Yes, two truths to which is added the following: 98.5% of the inhabitants of the country are of Japanese ethnicity. But Xavier does not give up for so little, he tells himself that with a little luck and a lot of naturalness he will meet some very nice people. Of course knowing the language, culture and history of Japan will only add extra points to your profile, or the best way not to be seen as this eternal Gaijin in the eyes of all with his accent, his cut and his casual air.

Once these parameters have been taken into account, let’s come to the different means of communication. The days of letters and other postcards are over in a way. You just have to fall back, what am I saying exploit the plethora of available tools, just that! Here is a summary for our Internet users:

  • ICQ (very old but very effective again and again over the years)
  • Periscope (much better than Omegle and having a unique location system like Google Maps)
  • Discussion forums
  • Online games (MMORPG, FPS or management games, everything is good to join a Japanese server)
  • And a pretty nice little site:

And of course Facebook or even Line (the “Japanese facebook”…), except that these social networks allow above all to maintain existing links rather than create new ones…

And when it comes to life offline, more or less indirect opportunities are available to you: Exhibitions and / and festivals, exchanges or language stays for our readers who have not finished their studies, but also favor exchanges with Japanese firms for those whose work requires interactions with other countries: tourism, trade, customs, etc.

And finally, and with all objectivity, it doesn’t matter to you whether you hear from people and others that the Japanese are not very open or that they only hang out with each other. Even if this would be true, it will not stop you for all that because the sushi lover, the admirer of Japanese hi-tech or the manga obsessed will not stop at this detail which is part of a whole. , the whole being the planet japan and our unlimited passion for it and remember: “to please, we must not try to please”.

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Photo 1: Tomo Tang – Photo 2: screenshot youtube clip CHO Japan

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