A sport that is little known and too little practiced in Japan. A discipline that requires building both your brain and your body, yes we are talking about bodybuilding. To do it precisely, there are unfortunately not as many practitioners as on the other continents, to believe that the specialties are fairly distributed around the globe. Certainly, we won’t have much to say since Japan does not have the qualities required to hope to be number one in this field due to certain factors. However, some exceptional people bury this stereotype and prove us the opposite.
Hidetada Yamagichi is one of the first professional bodybuilders to push cast iron for international federation of bodybuilding and fitness honors. He was born in a small town of Hokkaido but pursued a great career in bodybuilding after quitting rugby and intends to leave his mark. Hide already has a track record spanning at least an entire wall, from the peaceful north of the Land of the Rising Sun to the terrible massive Americans of California and its setting sun Hide hasn’t won over the jury of the IFBB; his shattering entries to Mr. Olympia and Arnold Classic made some rivals tremble, proving to the whole world that Japan has at least one bodybuilder who assures, and one!

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The Hide case is a dream and as life is well done the expression “behind every great man hides a great woman” is aptly named. She is in this case a very tall woman because it is neither at 20 nor at 30 but at 48 that Tomoko Kanda also performs to represent women. Tomoko is strong, brilliant and in addition the following adjective is the most dreaded by all men …… drum roll… she is very beautiful; so much so that she makes them jealous around her. But it was surely not the latter who advised her as soon as she began working for defense in an air base, where her life took a turn. For 6 years (from 2004 to 2010) the astonishing Kanda has asserted itself at the national level in its country and made the cover of the most famous magazines and it is only going to improve. She seduces everyone, but not in the same way. Beyond her charm, Tomoko is an example, the example of the enraged woman, ready to make any sacrifice … while remaining reasonable.

japan muscle

Other bodybuilders have joined this extremely small circle. Despite this smallness, there is not the slightest injustice between the male and female worlds since both are not popular. It is certainly less sad when we analyze the sports “culture” of the country, in fact the importation of American football and baseball coupled with the list of traditional sports in which the big winner is the martial art (and all its variants). but it is above all from a nutritional and physiognomic point of view that the case of Japan must be examined. In bodybuilding in general, there are three drivers of success: effort, diet and rest. We can add natural predispositions such as genetics, but that would be finding an excuse for a human being who has made the impossible possible. To come to the point, among the three engines we will find fault with the power supply. Fish is good, it’s rich and it’s healthy but you have to believe that eggs, beef and pasta are better, but that’s what is lacking in this part of the Far East. . Rest, also known not to be the “defect” of the Japanese art of living, is nevertheless known to be the “second session” of bodybuilding.

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– Learn more about Tomoko Kanda (link in English): http://en.rocketnews24.com/2015/02/24/japanese-female-bodybuilder-could-kick-your-butt-break-your-heart-at-the-same-time/

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