I very often receive messages from people asking me if I can buy for them products that are only found in Japan in order to send them to France in exchange for a bank transfer… This is obviously not possible for me but I have good news: there is the site ZenMarket which offers exactly this service… and in French!

I am therefore offering you an article on this very practical service from which I have heard a lot of good things for several years now! Many thanks to ZenMarket for supporting my work and my videos through this sponsored article!

ZenMarket, the service that sends you everything you want from Japan to your home!


There are several reasons that can motivate the purchase on Japanese sites, for example ensure the quality of a service by avoiding counterfeits, but let’s get right to the point: the main interest is the fact of be able to order exclusive products, which are only found in Japan.

On a vast majority of Japanese sites, it is impossible to be delivered abroad : An address in Japan is required to order. The reason is the fact that Japanese companies simply do not have overseas delivery service: it all happens in Japan. Even the biggest sites such as Yahoo Shopping, Amazon Japan or the famous Rakuten only deliver to Japanese territory. And of course the same goes for online auction sites such as Yahoo Auctions Japan.

Buying on Japanese sites is therefore finding an exclusive offer of products only available in Japan. And it encompasses a lot of different categories with for example Manga and Anime Goodies, video games and consoles, musical instruments, books, clothes, makeup, kitchen utensils or even Japanese toilets!

We always think of Goodies above all, but there are many other products that become accessible with ZenMarket!


You would have understood it, ZenMarket is a purchasing service that allows you to make purchases on many Japanese sites. It is a company based in Japan (more precisely in Osaka) which offers order for you the products you want in order to to receive in their premises in Japan and you resend then all over the world.

ZenMarket is therefore an intermediary between Japanese sites and customers abroad which since its foundation in 2014 has established itself as the benchmark in purchasing service (or purchasing proxy) in Japan because it has many advantages:

  • The site is entirely in French, just like Facebook pages, Twitter and ZenMarket’s Instagram. Several French people are part of the team and can therefore answer your questions and requests in French.
  • ZenMarket saves you from having to create accounts on all Japanese sites where you want to order. With a simple account on ZenMarket, you can order on all the Japanese sites offering an online store: Amazon Japan, Rakuten, Yahoo Shopping and even auctions on Yahoo Auctions Japan. No need to create accounts on each of these sites since the buyers of the ZenMarket team will take care of ordering for you!
  • ZenMarket lets you store items for free for 45 days in its warehouses. This allows you to place several orders on different Japanese sites but send everything at once and thus save on shipping costs.
  • Many additional services are available in order to provide tailor-made support and meet all needs: choice of delivery service, reinforcement of insurance and package tracking, personalized purchasing assistance, photo service for products in warehouses, etc.
A service that allows you to order exclusive products in Japan!


To place an order via ZenMarket, nothing could be simpler: just search for the product you want on a Japanese site and quite simply copy the URL of the page in the ZenMarket search bar.

Another possibility, you can just as easily carry out research on the various Japanese sites starting from ZenMarket’s search bar.

To order on all the Japanese sites that interest you, you only need to create one account, the one on the ZenMarket site. Once the account is created, you can place orders and ZenMarket buyers will make all purchases for you. They will first of all check the validity of your order and the availability of the products, then they will send you an estimate of the price. If you are satisfied with this estimate, then you can proceed to payment.

The account is created for free and in just a few minutes, after that you just have to place your orders! In terms of payment, you are spoiled for choice since many types of payment are available (VISA, Master Card, American Express, Maestro, bank transfer, Bitcoin or even Paypal).

zenmarket nujabes
Example of a Nujabes CD search on ZenMarket


300 yen (approx. € 2.5) per item.
This is the price of the service from ZenMarket. You obviously also pay the amount of your purchase as well as the shipping and transfer costs, but the price for the service of ZenMarket is 300 yen (approximately 2.5 €) per item.

The costs of an order on ZenMarket

It’s a fixed amount, which does not change regardless of the price of your purchase. And it works well per item and not by order.

The delivery costs are ultimately what is most determining in the final price since everything will depend on the size and weight of the purchase you want to make. ZenMarket offers several choices in terms of delivery (DHL, Fedex, UPS, Japanese post, …) but his team can neither shrink nor lighten your items.

On the other hand, as I mentioned above, it is possible to store your purchases for free in ZenMarket warehouses up to 45 days in order to group several orders into a single package and thus save on shipping costs.

zenmarket account
300 yen offered for registration (free) on ZenMarket!

In summary: ZenMarket is the gateway between Japanese stores and your home! A quality and personalized service that allows you to order from home what is only found in Japan! Note that the company also offers a delivery service for monthly boxes of Japanese products (Ramen packs, Japanese snacks or stationery): ZenPop.

ZenMarket website
Create a free account on ZenMarket (300 yen offered during registration)

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