China-Japan-Russia tensions | 40 ° C in the North

China-Japan-Russia tensions | 40 ° C in the North | A withdrawn sign

In the press review of this Thursday, September 3, we will discuss: the commemorations of the 75th anniversary of the surrender which brought tensions, the record temperatures in September, and finally the sign of the fugu fish of Osaka definitively withdrawn.

Tensions are still high

Today, the 75th anniversary of the defeat of Japan, President Xi Jinping, Premier Li Keqiang and senior Communist Party leaders visited the Museum of War and Resistance in Beijing today. The ceremony was broadcast for 90 minutes on the official state channel and did not directly criticize Japan. On the Russian side, the former Prime Minister and current Deputy Director of the Russian Security Council, Dmitry Medvedev, supported the fact that his country will refuse to negotiate the detention of the islands in the north of Japan. He cited the new Constitution which prohibits the cession of territory and any debate relating to the issue, except in specific cases, such as the delimitation of borders. Tokyo and Moscow have not yet signed a peace treaty after the end of the war, leaving aside the resolution of the territorial question.

Record temperatures in September

On Thursday, the city of Sanjo, in the Niigata department in northern Japan, broke a historic national heat record. The mercury climbed to 40 degrees, a first for September. These significant heat on the Japanese coasts would be due to the passage of the imposing typhoon Maysak, which crossed the country at the beginning of the week. He would have created a phenomenon called “foehn winds” bringing particularly hot air.

Farewell to Osaka’s fugu fish

Osaka’s famous fugu fish, ensign and symbol of the Shinsekai branch of Zuboraya restaurant, was retired for good today. The restaurant is expected to officially close in September. The renowned and symbolic establishment suffered enormous financial losses due to the pandemic, forcing it to shut down its activity. The lantern was already a problem for the city, the regulations concerning the signs not being respected.


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