In the press review on Friday, May 28, we will discuss: athletes at their own risk, postal voting for the infected and mental health back in high schools.

The IOC clears its customs

On Thursday, the IOC told the Olympic athletes that the waiver clause they must sign to release the Tokyo Olympics organizers from all liability in the event of problems related to the Olympic Games. COVID-19 was a ” common practice “ for major sporting events. The question arose when the IOC President, Thomas Bach, answered questions to close a two-day online conference hosted by the official Olympic Commission representing the athletes. “I know this is a concern for a number of you”Bach said, before asking the director of operations at CIO, Lana haddad, to give what he called “An expert response”. Olympic organizers have published health protocols that all participants in the games must follow and which are regularly updated. The guide for athletes notes that “Despite all the care taken, the risks and repercussions cannot be totally eliminated, and you therefore agree to attend the Olympic and Paralympic Games at your own risk. “

Remote voting

A special bill to allow COVID-19 patients to vote by mail was approved by several parties on Thursday, including the Liberal Democrat Party and the Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan (PCDJ). In the bill, those eligible for postal voting will be patients COVID-19 recovering at home or in designated accommodation. But also, voters in quarantine in these places of accommodation or similar places on their return from abroad. Persons considered to have been in close contact with infected persons will be exempt from this special measure. But the PCDJ and the People’s Democratic Party requested the inclusion of these people. According to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Social Affairs, as of May 19, around 33,000 people were recovering at home and around 10,000 patients with COVID-19 were staying in accommodation facilities across the country.

Student mental health

Japan will, from next spring, revive the teaching of mental health in high schools, suppressed forty years ago, following a record number of suicides among young people and concerns about the effects of the pandemic coronavirus. According to new government guidelines for high school curricula, physical education and health textbooks to be used in the spring of 2022 will include descriptions of prevention and coping methods to help students in mental distress cope with their problems. problems. Emiko michigami, 60, high school nurse Soka Higashi of the department of Saitama, is one of the front line faculty members in finding the best ways to manage the mental health education of their students: “Are you feeling stressed because of the COVID-19 pandemic? Mental instability can occur in anyone and must be treated quickly ”Michigami told the 40 or so freshmen in his mental health class in February. The new curriculum guidelines added “Prevention and cure of mental disorders” physical education and health. Students will learn not only the mechanisms of mental illness, but also that everyone is susceptible to it and that the chances of recovery are higher if the illness is detected and treated at an early stage.


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