CO2 reduction | Chinese ships

CO2 reduction | Chinese ships | Concerns about a missile

In the press review of this Tuesday, October 13, we will discuss: the government’s reflection on CO2, the long intrusion of Chinese ships, and finally concerns about the new North Korean missile.

CO2 reduction

The Japanese government launched discussions on Tuesday to reflect on the objectives concerning CO2 emissions by 2030. This kind of discussion takes place approximately every three years in order to update the energy plan in the medium and long term. One of the goals is to focus on promoting renewable energy and reducing the country’s dependence on fossil fuels. The Archipelago should nevertheless keep nuclear power as a source of energy, with stricter safety standards following the Fukushima accident in 2011.

Chinese ships

Two Chinese Coast Guard vessels spent more than two days in the waters of the Senkaku Islands, controlled by Tokyo but claimed by Beijing. This is the longest recorded intrusion. In particular, they approached a Japanese fishing boat before being urged to leave the scene by the Japanese coast guards sent there. The incident has raised fears about the prospects for bilateral ties, as Beijing recently established a digital museum indicating the islands were part of Chinese territory.

Concerns about a missile

Japan, through its Defense Minister Nobuo Kishi, has expressed concern over the presentation in North Korea of ​​what appears to be an intercontinental ballistic missile, much larger than other missiles from Pyongyang. “North Korea continually pursues the diversification of responses to attacks, and continues to strengthen its offensive capabilities. It’s a new challenge ” for the international community, said the minister.


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