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Concerns in the G7 about China

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Toshimitsu Motegi, shared, on Tuesday, his “Serious concerns” regarding China’s unilateral attempts to change the status quo in the East and South China Seas, on the second day of a meeting of Foreign Ministers of the G7. While ministers discussed issues related to the China and at the Russia, Motegi said Japan is also concerned about how Beijing treats human rights, especially with regard to the Muslim minority. uyghur in the autonomous region of Xinjiang, as well as the situation at Hong Kong. The British Foreign Secretary, Dominic raab, who is chairing the three-day meeting, told reporters they will issue a joint statement after the meeting to show their determination to promote open societies, human rights and democracy, in a counterpoint to China and Russia.

Towards an extension of the state of emergency

Japan plans to extend the state of health emergency triggered in the capital, Tokyo, and other large urban areas, government sources said. This decision could call into question the Olympic Games scheduled for this summer. Officials lean for an extension of measures in the departments of Tôkyô, Ôsaka, Kyôto and Hyôgo beyond May 11, as the country fights an upsurge in cases of COVID-19, three sources told Reuters. The government could make an official decision as early as Friday according to one of these sources. The newspaper Yomiuri previously indicated that an extension of emergency state was likely. The extension of the measures, which were imposed on April 25, would likely stir up concerns about the possibility of organizing the Tokyo Olympics, which are due to start on July 23. The Games have already been postponed once, last year, due to the coronavirus pandemic.

A medal for the Japanese relay

Japan, for the first time, won a medal in the men’s 4 × 400-meter relay at a world competition. The quartet composed of Rikuya Ito, Kaito Kawabata, Kentaro Sato and Aoto Suzuki finished second in the world athletics relays in Chorzow, Poland. With a time of 3 minutes 4.45 seconds, this is the first time that the Japan wins a medal in this event, in a world competition. Racers can be proud of the good performance of the men’s 4 × 400, although a number of powerful nations did not compete due to the pandemic. Aoto Suzuki, 19, said he had embarked on the ordeal “With the spirit of a mission”. He passed two runners in the home stretch to take second place. The men’s 4x400m team, although getting closer to the podium, has long walked in the shadow of the more successful 4x100m team. This winter, she went to a training camp with the following motto: “We cannot lose against the 4 × 100”. Training camp which proved to be effective, since the 4 × 100 relay finished in 3rd position thanks to two disqualifications of better placed teams.


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