Controversial exhibition | Toshiba | Serious professional misconduct

Controversial exhibition | Toshiba | Serious professional misconduct

In the press review of Friday, June 25, we will discuss: a statue of a comfort woman in an exhibition is controversial, the overthrow of the president of Toshiba after several scandals and the responsibility of 5 doctors for the death of a child.

A statue of a comforting woman

A demonstration was held yesterday during the opening of a exposure, entitled “The non-freedom of expression”, because of a statue representing a comfort woman during World War II. For fear of noise in the neighborhood because of cars equipped with loudspeakers, the exhibition has not opened its doors to visitors. The organizers consider a lawsuit against protesters for trade barriers and intimidation. A case that brings the subject most historical sensitive between Japan and Korea.

Toshiba president pushed to exit

Toshiba CEO Satoshi Tsunakawa along with two of his associates were disowned by the board of directors. In question, many scandals around a collusion with the government to put the pressure on the investors foreign activists who demanded the appointment of outside administrators. The outcome of this vote of the board of directors does not mean, for the moment, the dismissal of these people, but the loss of confidence of the board.

Five doctors responsible for the death of a child

A family bereaved by the death of their child 2-year-old in hospital got winning the case at the Tokyo court. Five doctors have been recognized guilty of negligence dosing duringadministration of sedative to the infant in 2014. They are condemned to pay 60 million yen (450,000 euros) of damages and interests.


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