Conversation between Abe and Trump | Succession of Shinzô Abe

Conversation between Abe and Trump | Succession of Shinzô Abe | Searing Typhoon

In the press review of this Monday, August 31, we will discuss: the telephone interview between Abe and Trump on the political future of the two countries, the potential successors at the head of Japan, and finally the new typhoon of a great power currently hitting southern Japan.

America and Japan following Abe’s resignation

Following the announcement of Prime Minister Shinzô Abe’s resignation, which will be effective once a successor is nominated by the Liberal Democratic Party (PLD), President Trump spoke with him today. During this telephone conversation which would have lasted approximately 30 minutes, Abe would have expressed his desires and hopes for cooperation between the two countries, in particular in terms of international security to alleviate the North Korean threat. They would have ended with a mutual agreement regarding the situation and they would have expressed their mutual support in research for the fight against the coronavirus. Trump would have said following this interview: “I just had a wonderful conversation with my friend, the Prime Minister of Japan, Shinzô Abe (…) Shinzô will soon be recognized as the greatest Prime Minister in the history of Japan”. Abe is also scheduled to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putim.

The succession of Shinzô Abe

Yoshihide Suga, the secretary general of the government, receives a large part of the support of the Liberal Democratic Party to become, eventually, the successor of Shinzô Abe. According to people familiar with the matter, he intends to officially announce his candidacy tomorrow and the elections would take place around September 14. He would be supported by a faction of 47 people led by party secretary general Toshihiro Nikai. Two other potential candidates are said to be Fumio Kishida, the party’s chief political adviser, and Shigeru Ishiba, the party’s former general secretary.

Typhoon Maysak in southern Japan

The new powerful typhoon, named Maysak, is expected to approach Okinawa and then pass through the Amami Islands overnight. According to experts, the winds are strong enough to cause the collapse of some homes in Okinawa. Maximum gusts are expected to reach 144 to 252 km / h and 160 km / h at Amami. Waves are expected to be 13m high in Okinawa, 11m in Amami and 9m around Miyako Island. 300mm of precipitation is expected in Okinawa and 100mm in Amami. There is a high risk of flooding. The French Embassy in Japan invites residents to exercise the utmost caution and to be particularly attentive to the indications of the authorities.


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