In the press review of this Tuesday, September 1, we will discuss: the state of play of the coronavirus in Japan and its impacts on the economy and employment, the launch of the electoral campaign for the succession of Shinzô Abe, and finally the future of Japan regarding its militarization.

Coronavirus and growing unemployment

This Tuesday the Japanese capital has 170 new cases of coronavirus, it is the third day in a row with less than 200 people positive for covid-19. During the month of August, Tokyo recorded an average of 208.1 infections per day and, on August 1, exactly one month ago, 472 cases were confirmed. The figures would be today for all of Japan of 56,802 people discharged from the hospital, 9,743 hospitalized (including 32 with severe symptoms in Tokyo) and 1,279 people deceased. The pandemic crisis continues to worsen the country’s economic situation, and the ministry is looking into the matter. 50,326 people found themselves unemployed between the end of January and August 31. The government encourages businesses, through subsidies, to recruit and maintain jobs.

Kick-off for Abe’s succession

During a press conference, former Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida and former Secretary General of the Liberal Democratic Party Shigeru Ishiba confirmed their participation in the party elections aimed at succeeding Shinzô Abe. The Secretary General of the Cabinet and big favorite in these elections, Yoshihide Suga, is expected to announce his candidacy tomorrow evening. A meeting should also be held tomorrow on the modalities and the electoral protocol that should be put in place.

A future militarized Japan

Government sources reportedly said yesterday that outgoing Prime Minister Shinzô Abe would define a path forward for the future on the eventuality of acquiring a strike capability against military bases. As tensions have escalated in the China Sea, recently following ballistic fire by China at the end of August, Abe, with American support, should follow the new direction that had already been proposed by the revision of the pacifist Constitution. expressly at war. The Liberal Democratic Party will therefore have to tackle this task.


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