Coronavirus detection | Nuclear waters

Coronavirus detection | Nuclear waters | End of mail

In the press review of this Friday, October 16, we will discuss: The new system to detect covid-19 by breathing, the project to release nuclear water from Fukushima into the sea, and finally the end of mail distribution the weekend.

Breath screening

A new screening system that can detect the coronavirus with a single exhalation has reportedly been developed by Tohoku University. This prototype would work thanks to a structure that, first of all, absorbs the breaths for about 5 minutes, then extracts the proteins contained in the virus and finally, analyzes them. Experts plan to produce them in series and claim that the device can achieve a result in an hour. It is currently in clinical trial. The president of Shimazu, an affiliate of the University, reportedly said that, in addition to detection, the device gives the possibility if infected people may develop severe symptoms.

Release of nuclear waste

The Japanese government is said to have spoken to local authorities about how the nuclear waste from the Fukushima plant was going to be “cleared”. Indeed, the decision, much discussed, would be to release the radioactive waters into the sea. This resolution could be officially taken this month and would put an end to nearly 7 years of debate. The fishing groups had expressed their concerns and dissatisfaction with such a decision and the impacts it would generate; Korea has already banned the import of fishery products from this area. In September, the stored water represented 1.23 million tonnes distributed in 1,044 reservoirs. The water is treated by ALPS to eliminate certain contamination agents, and the discharge requiring work, should be done in 2 years.

End of mail on Saturday

The Japan Post group plans to slow down and limit costs, and mail may now be delivered only on weekdays. The Home Office plans to submit a bill authorizing mail services to no longer deliver on Saturdays. If this were to be accepted, the end of weekend mail delivery would be effective next fall. The Japan Post group, created in 2007, is still being privatized.


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