In the press review of this Tuesday, November 3, we will discuss: the coronavirus back in force in Hokkaidô, the naval exercise bringing together India, Japan, the United States and Australia, and finally the many decorated foreigners in Japan.

Coronavirus in Hokkaidô

On Monday, November 2, 96 new cases of coronavirus were recorded on the island of Hokkaidô. A record for the northern island, but also a record for the whole country that day. The local capital, Sapporo, alone has recorded 83 cases. In comparison, Tokyo identified 87 cases on the same day. The cases have spread among middle-aged people as well as the elderly. The department therefore expects an increase in severe cases and deaths.

Naval exercise

This Tuesday began a naval exercise bringing together the four great democracies of the Pacific: India, Japan, the United States and Australia. This is a first for almost 13 years. These four countries are currently concerned about China’s growing assertiveness in the region. The goal of this 24th edition of Exercise Malabar is to “To strengthen relations between friendly navies and to create a free, open and inclusive Indo-Pacific region” indicates the Japanese Embassy in New Delhi.

Imperial decorations

The Japanese government announced that 141 foreigners were part of the fall promotion for the Order of the Rising Sun, honoring them for their contribution to relations with Japan. Among them, there are 10 French: Jean-Pierre Sauvage (Nobel in chemistry in 2016), Jules A. Hoffmann (Nobel in medicine in 2011), Jacques Comby (president of the University Lyon 3 Jean Moulin), Serge Lasvignes (president du Center Pompidou), Roland Ries (former mayor of Strasbourg), Pierre Soulages (painter), Gabrielle Marie Madeleine Toufflet (former president of the France-Japan Association of Ain), Caroline Mathieu (Former head restorer of the museum d’Orsay), Chantal Lafuma (president of the Chamonix-Fujiyoshida twinning), Françoise Moréchand (fashion designer). In addition, 4,100 Japanese people will also be decorated.


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