Cost sharing | Green light

Cost sharing | Green light | Word to the defense

In the press review of this Wednesday, November 11, we will discuss: the negotiations concerning the cost of maintaining American troops, the green light for the restart of a plant damaged in 2011, and finally the trial of Greg Kelly which continues.

Cost sharing

Japan and the United States held negotiations in Washington regarding cost sharing for the maintenance of American troops stationed in Japan. The country is home to nearly 55,000 American soldiers. These negotiations must be used to prepare the budget for fiscal year 2021 and must decide on an agreement valid for 5 years, although this may be complicated with the change of administration soon. Japan contributes 200 billion yen (about 1.6 billion euros) each year to the stationing of the American contingent, which would intervene in the event of an aggression against the Archipelago.

Green light

A nuclear reactor, damaged by the earthquake and tsunami of March 2011, took the final step before restarting after having obtained the green light from local elected officials. Reactor No.2 at the Onagawa NPP, located in Miyagi County, is the first disaster-damaged reactor to gain final approval to restart. Residents remain concerned, believing that approval was rushed, not least due to pressure from the central government.

Word to the defense

Lawyers for former Nissan executive Greg Kelly began questioning a key prosecution witness this week. They seek in particular to show that the false declarations of the income of his superior, Carlos Ghosn, were imagined by others at the car manufacturer. This witness, Toshiaki Ônuma, was in charge of compensation at Nissan. And according to him, Kelly did not know how much Ghosn was earning and he could suggest that the order to cover the tracks concerning the remuneration of Ghosn had come from the leaders of the Japanese firm.


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