In the press review of this Tuesday, December 29, we will discuss: new cases of Covid-19 infections, Key information on the detention of Uyghurs and significant snowfall.

New cases of infection recordeds

Tokyo today recorded brand new cases of infection. The capital declares that 856 new infections are to be deplored, according to the Tokyo metropolitan government. These new cases come after seeing an unprecedented increase in December. Over the past three days, the government has identified 2,138 new infected people. In the midst of a third wave, the government continues to take new measures to limit the spread. The capital recorded a major epidemic peak. Tokyo reports more than 57,000 infections in total, the most among Japan’s 47 departments. Today, 2303 patients are still hospitalized in Tokyo, 81 of whom are in critical condition.

Japan provided key information on the repression of Uyghurs in China to the United States and Britain

The Land of the Rising Sun provided intelligence to the United States and Britain last year, showing evidence of China’s forced detention of the Uyghur Muslim minority, a source close to relations said on Monday. between Japan and the United States. Based on this information, Uncle Sam’s country has stepped up its criticism of the alleged repression of Uyghurs in the Xinjiang Autonomous Region. This element shows that Japan has already shared strategic secrets with its partners to gain their trust and encourage them to join the “Five Eyes” alliance. This coalition aims to better respond to growth threats from North Korea and China. This exchange network includes Australia, Canada, Great Britain, New Zealand and the United States. Japan’s goal is to maintain friendly relations with China, its main trading partner, without harming relations with its main security ally, the United States.

Forecast of heavy snowfall in the regions bordering the Sea of ​​Japan

The Japan Meteorological Agency said this morning that heavy snowfall is expected in the coming days in areas bordering the Sea of ​​Japan. The Hokuriku region, located in the center of Japan’s main island, will soon be covered with more than three feet of snow. The north coast of Chugoku, meanwhile, is around 70 centimeters, the agency said. Coastal regions facing the Sea of ​​Japan are expected to see further snowfall later in the week as a low pressure system moves east over the Japanese archipelago, bringing air mass cold. The meteorological agency is also forecasting winds of over 108 kilometers per hour for western and southwestern Japan on Wednesday.


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