Covid-19 down in Tokyo | Murderous Typhoon

Covid-19 down in Tokyo | Murderous Typhoon | Nissan debts

In the press review of this Monday, September 7, we will discuss: The coronavirus in decline in Tokyo but which remains present in the country, the significant toll of the powerful typhoon Haishen, and finally the historic loan granted to Nissan by the Japanese government.

Coronavirus present but declining

While 451 new cases of coronavirus were announced across Japan yesterday, and 8 additional deaths bringing the number of people who succumbed to the disease to 1,382, Tokyo noted only 77 infected on Monday. It had been since August 24 that the number of daily patients with covid-19 had not fallen below 100 people. People who test positive today are varied in age, including 3 children under 10 years old. There are 24 seriously hospitalized patients in Tokyo, which is 3 less than yesterday.

Heavy toll for Typhoon Haishen

The powerful Typhoon Haishen left 2 dead and more than 100 injured in Japan. It would also have caused massive blackouts severely disrupting transport and motorway networks. Telephone networks have also been severely disrupted. The injured are believed to be mainly residents of the Kyûshû region in the south of the country, but also from the Kansai and Chûgoku regions in the west of the country. Nearly 23,000 people in 11 departments had to seek refuge and around 475,000 homes were said to have suffered power cuts in Kyûshû. There are also 4 people missing in a landslide in Shiiba village in Miyazaki department. Their company office is said to have collapsed. The typhoon is currently moving towards Korea.

Historic loan to Nissan

Following the crisis at Nissan, the Japanese government guaranteed 130 billion yen (about 1 billion euros) out of 180 billion yen in loans to the company. This is one of the most important awards ever given to Japan. The company would have requested in advance the government emergency program aimed at helping companies in great difficulty and fully affected by the pandemic crisis. If Nissan fails to repay the amount awarded to it, taxpayer money will likely be needed to cover the debt. The Development Bank of Japan is affiliated with the government in order to generate loans.


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