COVID-19 Gift Certificates | Tokyo Olympics

COVID-19 Gift Certificates | Tokyo Olympics | A submarine hits a cargo ship

In the press review of this Thursday, February 18, we will discuss: A Japanese city will offer € 7.84 gift certificates to residents who receive COVID-19 vaccine, former Olympian Seiko Hashimoto takes over Tokyo Games after sexism dispute, submarine Soryu crashes into Hong Kong freighter.

Gift certificates of € 7.84 residents who receive the COVID-19 vaccine

Miyashiro, a city in eastern Japan, has announced that it will provide each resident who receives a COVID-19 vaccine with a gift certificate worth 1,000 yen (approximately € 7.84). According to the city’s health and care division, around 30,000 people aged 16 and over in the city are eligible for vaccination. Each person who received the vaccine will receive a “Thank you gift certificate” worth 1,000 yen, issued by the city chamber of commerce. The gift certificate can be used at small businesses in the city. Since recipients of the vaccine, produced by US pharmaceutical company Pfizer’s, will normally need to make two injections, they will receive two gift certificates with a total value of 2,000 yen.

Seiko Hashimoto takes the lead in the Tokyo Games

The former minister in charge of the Olympic Games, Seiko Hashimoto, took the head of the Organizing Committee for the Tokyo Games on Thursday, succeeding Yoshiro Mori who resigned last week following an argument sparked by sexist comments. Seiko Hashimoto said that preparing effective measures against the novel coronavirus was the task ” the most important“. She is committed to organizing games ” safe and secure ” this summer. Hashimoto also said she would improve gender equality among the organizers. Committee leaders formally endorsed the 56-year-old president.

Soryu submarine crashes into Hong Kong freighter

A Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force Canglong-class submarine collided with a Hong Kong-based bulk carrier carrying iron ore. The accident occurred on February 8 in the waters off the Kôchi department, injuring three people on board. The commercial vessel was approaching just behind the Soryu when the submarine surfaced. The latter did not detect the freighter in time to avoid an accident during the ascent to the surface, the consequence of a ” professional negligence”, According to investigators from the 5th Regional Headquarters of the Coast Guard. The crew would not have checked the blind spot in the sonar.


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