From this date:

  • residents who are currently in Japan will be able to leave and return to the territory;
  • those who are currently outside the country will be able to return to Japan, regardless of the date on which they left the country and even if they did not benefit from a derogation for “exceptional circumstances” which alone allowed, since April 2, the return of residents.

The procedure to follow for residents holding a residence permit is as follows:

  • If you left Japan before September 1, 2020 (whether before or after April 2), we invite you to follow the instructions given by the website of the Japanese Embassy in France
  • If you are currently in Japan and wish to leave the country temporarily, you must first apply to the services of the Immigration Agency of Japan (see details of instructions in English or instructions in Japanese). Applications from outside of Japan will not be accepted, and should be submitted to the nearest Japanese embassy or consulate (see above).

Receipt of requests will start from 1er September 2020 at noon. Applications should be emailed to the Japan Immigration Agency, along with all required information to:

The request must not be made more than one month before the date of an actually planned departure. Foreign nationals who plan to leave Japan between 1er and September 6, 2020 are invited to apply directly to immigration services at the airport.

If you are eligible, you will receive an email confirming that your application has been accepted. This email must be kept because it constitutes the receipt of the readmission request (to print or save). An application can only be for one person and each receipt can only be used once to enter Japan.

1) At the time of departure from Japan

Show your receipt to immigration officials at your port of departure (airport).

2) Before your return to Japan

A Covid-19 test certificate must be obtained from a medical facility in the country / region of stay, proving a negative test result for Covid-19 within 72 hours of departure from the country / region of stay, for readmission to Japan.


  • the certificate attesting to a negative result must be drawn up in English on the specific form provided on the website of the ministry (or on a copy with the same information, in the same terms);
  • the test method used must comply with the approved methods shown on the form;
  • the certificate must be completed by the medical establishment (entirely in English) and signed by your doctor or be stamped.

3) On returning to Japan

At the arrival airport, after passing through immigration, you will present your receipt and test certificate, then you will be subjected to a new Covid-19 test carried out by the airport quarantine services.

Prohibition of using public transport (including train and domestic flights) or a regular taxi (use of a private vehicle) and fourteen compulsory (in a place of his choice).

For information: the Japanese Ministry of Health has established a list of authorized transport companies (taxis) which can, upon reservation, take care of the journey of people subject to a period of fourteen upon their arrival in Japan, from the airport of ‘arrival to their home. The French Embassy has no responsibility for the selection of these companies.

Official sources (Japanese):

More information on the Embassy website by clicking HERE

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