Covid border control | OJ impossible as it is

Covid border control | OJ impossible as it stands | Confidential Olympic expenses

In the press review of Tuesday, April 20, we will discuss: the strengthening of the rules for Covid-19 test certificates at airports, the Tokyo Olympics impossible under these conditions according to the governor of Yamanashi and finally confidentiality of expenses with the private sector for the Games.

Covid-19 control to enter the Archipelago

This Monday, Japan tightened its rules regarding the Covid-19 test certificates that all passengers must present when they arrive in Japanese airports. People who do not meet the required conditions will be refused entry into the country. To enter Japan, a passenger must now obtain a certificate attesting to a negative result of the test which must be carried out within 72 hours before departure. Given the spread of the virus, the country currently only allows entry to Japanese nationals and resident aliens, as well as outside visitors. “Presenting special exceptional circumstances”. Japan is also asking domestic and foreign airlines to restrict the number of passengers wishing to enter the country.

Questions about the organization of the Olympic Games

At a press conference on Monday, April 19, the governor Kotaro Nagasaki of the department of Yamanashi, west of Tokyo, said Japan could not afford to organize Olympic Games this summer.

This governor’s response came in response to a question regarding earlier remarks by the Secretary General of the Liberal Democratic Party, Toshihiro Nikai, depending on who canceling the Games might be an option. Asked about Nikai’s comment, Kotaro Nagasaki said to journalists: “It is a perfectly normal thing to say that maintaining the Olympic Games while the virus is spreading is rather against common sense”Regarding Tokyo and its neighboring departments where quasi-emergency measures against the coronavirus are in place, the governor added: “I hope they will give good results so that the Olympics can be played safely. “

JO: Confidential expenses even for the minister

Japanese Minister Tamayo Marukawa Olympic Games official revealed that there are confidential documents to which she did not have access. These relate to the expenses of the personnel of private companies engaged by the organizing committee of Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics. At a meeting on April 19 of the Audit and Oversight Committee of the Administration of the House of Representatives, Tamayo Marukawa said : “There are documents that the organizing committee does not want to show me due to confidentiality obligations.” It turned out that even the minister in charge of the Olympics was not able to fully grasp the details of spending related to the Games. The newspaper Mainichi reported that an amount of 300,000 yen (approximately 2,300 euros), per person per day, has been estimated for expenses of the contracting companies that manage the venues for the Olympic and Paralympic Games.


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