In the press review of Monday, April 19, we will discuss: the governor of Osaka who is asking for a new state of health emergency, the vaccination campaign for the elderly who is ahead and finally a journalist detained in Myanmar.

A state of health emergency called for in Osaka

Osaka Governor Hirofumi Yoshimura said on Monday he intended to ask the central government to declare a new state of emergency in his department, due to the upsurge in new cases of coronavirus. The decision to request a declaration would entail more stringent measures than those currently in force. “The difficult situation continues with regard to infections and the availability of care. We are in a critical situation ”, said Yoshimura to journalists. Meanwhile, Tokyo should decide to make such a request in the second half of this week, according to sources familiar with the matter. The Governor of Tokyo, Yuriko Koike, said on Sunday she could make the request after the daily number of cases in the capital surpassed 500 for the sixth day in a row, with only three months left until the opening of Summer olympics. The last state of emergency was in effect in Osaka department until the end of February and in Tokyo until March 21. If it is declared again, it will be the third time for both departments.

The vaccination campaign ahead of the figures

In total, around 15,000 elderly people have been vaccinated against the novel coronavirus in Japan, more than double the number released by the Ministry of Health, according to an investigation by Kyôdô News. The Ministry of Health, Labor and Social Affairs said a total of around 6,700 elderly people have so far received vaccine injections through Japan, since the government started the inoculations for around 36 million older people last Monday. In contrast, the Kyôdô survey, carried out on Friday, revealed that a total of 14,994 elderly people had been vaccinated across the country. The actual number of vaccinations is likely higher, as many municipalities have not accurately recorded the number of vaccines they have given to the elderly. After them, people with pre-existing diseases, and people working in care facilities for the elderly should be vaccinated. After that, the vaccinations will eventually be extended to the rest of the population.

Journalist detained in Myanmar

A Japanese freelance journalist detained by security forces in Yangon, Myanmar’s largest city on Sunday, has been transferred to prison, the Japanese embassy in the country said on Monday. Yuki kitazumi, former reporter for the economic daily Nikkei and who now lives in Yangon, was arrested at his home on Sunday evening and taken away in a police vehicle, local media reported. Kitazumi was transferred to Insein prison in Yangon, where many political detainees are held, the embassy said. The Japanese Prime Minister, Yoshihide Suga, said on Monday that the embassy was seeking information regarding Kitazumi’s detention. “We will do our best to protect Japanese nationals in the country”Suga told reporters. The military in power in Myanmar have detained scores of journalists, including foreign nationals, since the February 1 coup that overthrew the elected government led by Aung San Suu Kyi. The military has increasingly restricted freedom of expression by withdrawing their licenses from local media. The military has also restricted the use of the Internet.


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