Cybersecurity | End of the run

Cybersecurity | End of the run | Deadly accident

In the press review of Wednesday, June 30, we will discuss: Japanese cybersecurity, the arrest of a man on the run and the continuation of the investigation into an accident that claimed the lives of two children.

Japanese cybersecurity

The England-based International Institute for Strategic Studies says in a report that Japanese abilities in terms of cybersecurity and cyberattack presents strong gaps. The country is in the bottom third of the countries studied with Iran or Indonesia. This result stems from military agreements between Japan and the United States who provide protection from the country. This situation should not change, the Japan being constrained by the Constitution and its limits in terms of offensive military capabilities.

Escaped from a hotel

A young man in his twenties was stopped by the police after a run of a week. This young Korean would have escaped from the hotel, where he was in convalescence due to Covid-19, by scaffolding outside the building. He was arrested in Osaka in possession stimulants that would be potentially drugs. He had already been arrested by the police for this kind of offense at the beginning of June.

Fatal truck accident

The investigation continues in Yachimata, in the department of Chiba, after the terrible truck crash who has injured 3 children and killed 2 others. The driver, a 60-year-old man, was arrested with a alcohol level in the blood exceeding widely there legal limit. His truck had white number plates, for private vehicles, and not green, for company vehicles. Therefore, the employer is not not legally obliged to carry out blood alcohol tests before departure of its drivers.


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